Anyone else thinks this bag is cool???

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  1. I was looking through the online catalog, and came across this on Pg.29. It's a Sloan Bag made with Anaconda leather!!! I was so excited when I saw it! :yahoo: I really love the texture on this leather. haha...not that I can afford it.

    What do you guys think? You can be honest. :yes:
    BV Anaconda Sloan.JPG
  2. It's really pretty, but for me a big part of BV's attraction is the intricate craftmanship, which you don't see as much with bags that are made of solid peices like this. Not that I wouldn't carry it proudly!
  3. ^ I agree with the intricate design of a BV. I think this design is supposed to be seamless...that means that one piece of Anaconda leather, now that takes a big snake :p and some skills to make(even just to look seamless)!

    hehe...I'd wear it proudly too if anyone would get it for me. :tender:
  4. I think it is very cool! I am attracted to the shape. The skin looks like it would curl and peel, though, doesn't it?
  5. i am not a fan of it, sorry
  6. I drooled when I saw this pic too!! But too rich for my blood so I will admire from afar...
  7. I've actually had the good fortune to feel up this baby IRL, and it is TDF!!!

    I really really like the Sloane style :yes:
  8. It does!!! The only anaconda that I've felt was a Chloe that I had in possession for a was TDF! Each one does look like it would curl up...but it's not going to peel. It's just so unique.

    Nymph, OMG! Where did you see it? I probably would never own this bag...but it'd be awesome just to feel it!
  9. Looks fabulous!
  10. I love the Sloane Style. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    The woven rings would look great with my BV Woven Hoop Earrings! ;)

    However, I wish the shoulder strap was longer and I, personally, don't buy snakeskin, as it is often not a by-product of the meat industry and they sometimes skin them alive. :sad:
  11. ;)

    It retails for S$9,140 here... :crybaby:
  12. Would love to see the earrings! :yes:
  13. Here is what BV replied when I asked about the bag. -

    Thank you for your inquiry. The item is in fact made of Anaconda, and is available in very limited quantities.


    The measurements are the same as the woven version featured in Shop Online: 15 x 4 x 13 IN. It is also available in the Pergamena color in the woven version that retails for $2,250.

    Note the VERY limited quantity. hehe...and she made sure she pointed out to me the regular version. $5k...awww......I can't even think about it. :p
  14. I would go for it in the woven. I love the shape and color of it though.
  15. I love the shape of the Sloane and would definitely love to have a woven one (in Limo please!), but the snakeskin kind of creeps me out...