Anyone else think this is Ironic...

  1. The Christmas Window for LV is called Latitude 48.914/Longitude 02.286 it was the winner of a competition for students of St Martins (London's very famous art and design college)
    The concept of the design is that it is a topographic map of the land surrounding the loction of Asnieres (the Vuitton workshop) not very Christmassy but still a very pretty design


    the design is in fact not the location of Asnieres but a valley in China as the topography was more aesthetically pleasing.

    So the Vuitton window is indeed a fake made in China.

    I'm sure the pics have been shown before but I'll find them for you.
  2. how funny. i'd love to see pics, as i haven't heard of this until now.
  3. LOL! the design is very interesting though.
  4. Huh, that is ironic!
    But i do like it...very unique!
  5. i like it, but i wonder how this will look on the tiny windows here in Collins St Melbourne.
  6. Haha. I can't wait to see it here. I'm so borred with the LV poker chip looking one.
  7. Huh.
    I like that, neat idea.
  8. Interesting! For some reason it reminds me of the A La Folie jewelry too.
  9. LOL! That is really cool looking! It would look awesome with the miroir line!
  10. very interesting ... I like it!
  11. I really don't care all I want is the LV INSIDE the store:nuts:
  12. IF it is china maybe it's a sign from Louis Vuitton...that...

    Louis Vuitton
    Made in China

    (Are the shoes now made in India also?...) mmm...:idea:lol i dont know my thoughts...
  13. i cant see the pic!
  14. From the posts that I've read here (LVs making bags in China and stamping them made in France, etc), could the decor have a hidden meaning? :wacko:
  15. that's weird it's still there