Anyone else think like this?

  1. I used to think $250 D&B bag was expensive for a purse until I got my multicolor speedy, which is the most expensive purse I own. I thought long and hard about putting the money down for it but I have wanted it for sooo many years that I finally decided to buy it before another price hike brought it to over $2000. Now, when I look at ebay and see some LVs going for $500-600, I think, "Wow, that's a good price!" LOL :roflmfao:

    Anyone else get inflated price distortion after beginning their Louis collection? :P
  2. yep

  3. sure, my first ebay purchase is an anna sui bag for 60$, but after 2 years, it's 800$ for a balenciaga :P
  4. YES! I still remember purchasing my first Coach bag (signature demi) for $138 and thinking this is the only bag I will ever get because it is sooo expensive!
  5. yes!! I once thought $500 was a ton of money for a bag..and then I jumped into $900, then $1500 and now in the $2K's so bizarre.
  6. Yep, I have some serious price distortion too! I, too, thought 200 was alot for my D&B, coach, etc. Now I am trying to save and get my 500 stupid PTI wallet!! I have lost my good judgement!!! I cannot help it, I just love LV...
  7. Anything under a grand is CHEAP now. Of course, I heard that said by someone else I know and I thought she was NUTS. LOL. Yup, its all downhill from here.
  8. It wasn't long ago I was balking at going over $100 for a Fossil bag.

    Last week I dropped $900 on my LV, it is a bit shocking. But I know myself and I know that this price is pretty close to my limit.
  9. oh yes. I used to think $275 was alot to pay for a bag. Now I'm embarrassed by what I've paid for some of my bags. its a dangerous mindset to get into...
  10. OMG!!! Totally! Esp. after purchasing my Le Fab and the Fringe Speedy!!! I went to get my Manhattan GM and was pleasantly surprised at how "cheap" it was compare to the other two!:shocked: :lol:
  11. Oh yes, this just happened when I purchased my Chanel reporter! Now everything looks good to me!
  12. Yup. I never thought I'd pay for a Louis Vuitton piece....but I did.
  13. I just remembered my first purchase, a coach pink wave pouchette! It was probably about $200 and it took me a while to get myself to buy a bag at that price!

    Then I joined the purse forum.
  14. yeah, i was going to a second hand store near my place and when i say a fringe bucket for sale at 4000USD, i didn't shock anymore, before i can go,"what??? 4000 $ for a fuc*ing bag???"
  15. My most expensive designer handbag is still my very first one - I bought my popincourt haut in Toronto with the pricier Canadian pricing, plus the tax. Ever since then, it's been eBay and buying from places where retail's a little less !