anyone else that just has one louis vuitton?

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  1. I just got my first bag on friday but i feel a little inadequate because i see these ladies with beautiful collections of like 10 bags or more. Anyone else in the same boat??:crybaby:
  2. Hey, don't feel that way...we all started with 1 :smile:

    Love what you have and enjoy it! That's the best!
  3. Most of us were there once, don't feel too bad :smile:
  4. Don't worry. I always envy other people's collections, but you must realize that you're very lucky to have an LV...there are several other people who wish to have one (and I know a lot of people who just stick to fakes, yuck). Save up and buy what you like...I always have to save! I realized I made a big mistake when I bought a bunch of vintages that weren't in pretty I ended up selling some of them. I have 5 pieces in my collection now, but I'm enjoying what I have.

    Don't worry! You have a very nice bag! I saw it!
  5. thats true. I will probably be using this one for a while before i get a new one. I know that lv bags last forever it seems like.
  6. Don't feel inadequate!

    I've also only got one Louis Vuitton bag. and a ludlow ;)
  7. I just have one, a Ribera MM. It's all I need right now! Though I'm hoping to snag an Azur for next spring and summer :yes:
  8. Inadequate? Heck no! Congratulations on your beautiful first bag! What did you get?
  9. Don´t feel the pressure!! There is no need to have tons of bags in a short time.
  10. there is absolutely no reason to feel that way!! Remember we all started out with ONE may find that over time, your collection will grow! Which it probably will after some time on tPF! Some collections grow faster that others, just be proud of what you have. We are here to enjoy handbags, it's not a competition or meant to make others feel inadequate! I've only been collecting since April, so my collection is not big at all!
  11. I dont have any LV bag!!! Been obsessing about LV for the last 5 months! The only LV I have is a Groom Pochette Cles! Really hoping that DH will look at my list and get me an LV bag this Xmas!
  12. don't worry hun (: there's no competition whatsoever! one lv is still a great lv. enjoy your bag! it's beautiful!!!
  13. oh i got a monogram papillon 26. It was slightly used but in great condition. The handles have also turned patina so it looks great.
  14. I only have one, too. I purchased it last week. I just love the one I bought and the others are right, we all have to start somewhere. Also, imo there's nothing wrong if the number ends at "1" as long you enjoy that one bag.
  15. I too only have 1 LV (arrived on Saturday) and absolutely :heart: it!

    Ask me the same question in a year :smile: