anyone else tend to prefer outlet items to store items?

  1. sorry if this has been covered in your forum, but i tend to LOVE everything i see at the coach outlet, whereas i like the store pieces. anyone else like this?

    i am hoping to get to the coach outlet near me in the next couple of days just to see what they have in! last time i was there their spring colors were SO lovely.
  2. I think of it as more as an adventure because you are never quite sure what you will find whereas at the boutique you always know pretty much what is available
  3. i like the excitement of going to the never know what treasures you'll find...PLUS they always have such a variety and so many things to look at...:heart:
  4. I prefer it, but for the main reason that I don't like paying jacked up prices here. If there were ever a bag I definitely just "had to have or I'd die" (which I've never felt that way for a bag, because they're bags) then I'd have a friend pick it up for me on the mainland and flat-rate it to me. Otherwise, I pretty much just go to the outlet every weekend when I visit my parents. Even if I'm not in the mood to buy something or aren't looking for anything in particular, I'll just go to see what's there or if anything new has come out. If I go to the boutique, it's usually just to try items on and check out colors in person...
  5. Yes and no. If I can get the same items from the outlets than from the boutiques I would go to the outlets; however, I would never buy their factory items. They're just bad quality imo and a waste of money still if I don't like them and are never going to use them.
  6. I don't at all agree that factory bags are poor quality.
  7. I have a leather hobo which is plain, it is from the factory outlet and good quality but some of their bags esp most recent totes look like they had left over fabric and just put these things together without much thought.
  8. I also like the outlets because I am a college student and love to treat myself to coach items and have nice things...but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for items. :smile:
  9. I prefer the boutiques because I usually want something from the current collection, but I usually shop outlet because it is much, much closer to me and because recently they have had fabulous boutique items (Legacy, Bleecker). And I agree that it is a treasure hunt because they always have something different. Today, unfortunately, they didn't have much I was interested in, but I had to make a return.
  10. Bags made specifically for Outlets are the same quality as Boutique. I love shopping in Coach Stores but...since I've been on this forum I've been to the outlets twice. I loved it so much!! What a rush! I can walk into my Coach Store and get 1 bag or go to the Outlets and buy 2 or 3.
  11. I prefer the style of boutique bags to the "made for factory bags" but I LOVE to buy the boutique bags at the outlets! Then I get the styles I like for SOO much cheaper!:tup:
  12. Agreed. I think the quality of the factory bags is good, I just don't care for the styles or fabrics most of the time. However, I LOVE getting a boutique bag at the outlet. In fact, the only thing I've paid full price for (not using PCE or getting at the outlet) are a couple of gifts I've mailed out for RAOK and secret santa...I don't think I would have as much Coach if I had to pay full price...
  13. i love the outlets! mostly coz of the great deals :smile:

    what can i say - i love a good bargain
  14. I definitely love the "thrill of the chase" with finding boutique bags @ the outlets.

    I don't think the made for factory bags are bad quality, I just usually don't like the styles for the most part.
  15. I prefer the prices of the outlet but the selection at the store is always better.