Anyone else tempted...

  1. to do any tipsy bidding on H items tonight after too much wine & turkey?? :p
  2. LMAO...Cyn........go on, I dare you!
  3. Cyn, I am! I'm just itching for something colorful!
  4. LOL....I am loving this thread, and it's only four posts in!
  5. Yup already did but was fortunately outbid....
  6. yes --i am about to bid on that BNIB vert fonce matte croc with PHW 35 birkin starting at one dollar ....................LOL:p
  7. It doesn't take wine or turkey to get me bidding on eBay. I am in a constant state of fighting myself off the mouse click.
  8. RC, what are you looking for that is colorful?
  9. WHEW!! I thought I was the only one!! Darn that two bottles of Haut Brion and the Macallan 20 year old scotch! :lol:
  10. Hey me too I am tempted to buy 2 bags just now...:p
  11. Oh i can relate to this :p

    Oh I better check where I was bidding on
  12. Bummer O, what happened?
  13. guilty and already dropped some cash. okay more ham be back
  14. LOL I'd love to but tomorrow I'm going to give
    Goyard a run for its money haha I want 2 ambassades.
    But I needn't get them considering I'm days from yet
    another H purchase. Ahhhh! Crazyness.
  15. Not tonight, but last night (martinis) I bought 3 of those dumb kewpie dolls from that Japanese website. I have got to get that package before DH.