Anyone else suffering from the shrinking Diamond stud problem?

  1. Ok I am on my second pair of Diamond studs now- This pair is approx. 1.8 total carat weight and I feel like they are shrinking!!!! I want an upgrade but this would be my third pair in under 3 years. Is anyone having this problem????
  2. Sounds like you crave more diamond presence and bling, so maybe consider diamond hoops? I find studs too traditional for my taste but I wear my 1" diamond hoops all the time. ;)
  3. Yep, I've been there. My current pair is a 1.46 tcw and I've recently priced out going to a 2 carat total weight pair but can't really bring myself to do it since I'm wearing my studs only about 2 - 3 times per week. Going over the 1 carat per diamond threshold really causes the price to jump up too.

    So ..... maybe try earring jackets?? They can really up the coverage on your ear lobe for not a lot of money.
  4. It's crazy how much they jump in price! I cant really decide if they look that different LOL. Good idea on the jackets! I have some aquamarine jackets currently that I use, but would probably see some more bling with diamond ;)

  5. I did, so I used the smaller studs not in use to make a 3 stone ring.
  6. Yes.
    It's a proven fact that diamonds shrink over time.
    Scientific fact.
  7. Yes, absolutely. It's called DSS, Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome.
  8. That's the other factor in the equation. A .80 carat ideal cut diamond has about a 6.0 mm diameter, a 1 carat ideal cut diamond about a 6.5 mm diameter, 1.25 carat about 7.0 mm, etc. You have to go up somewhat significantly to make a noticeable difference in mm. Of course then, prices start going up pretty dramatically.
  9. have you thought about diamnd jackets?...
  10. LOL! A subject near and dear to my heart!
    DSS is alive and well...not only for studs. Throw in e-rings and tennis bracelets, too!
    This is why I post about DSS when choosing jewelry. Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes a few years out. Some jewelers/on-line venders offer a trade up policy which is something to consider when buying diamonds.
    I have gone through the DSS many times. Bought my first studs 2 tcw, then DSS took over. Traded up to 3 tcw, then 5 tcw...finally I'm done and happy!
    Same with a tennis bracelet. 7 tcw, 10 tcw and finally 14 tcw.
    You'll know what size is good for you, OP. The jackets are a great idea in the meantime.........................
  11. Wow, those must be stunning! I don't know if my ear lobes could handle 5 tcw . . . but I'd be willing to try. :graucho:

    May I ask what color yours are? I've thought about going larger, like maybe to 2.5 tcw and dropping the color down to maybe I or J. My current ones are H's from Whiteflash that I've been happy with.
  12. I don't suit large earrings, so I am very happy with my 0.40ct g, vs1 platinum and diamond studs. I have owned this pair of earrings for over ten years and I have never wanted to upgrade them. However, I have huge DSS on my wedding set..............
  13. Have not even got mine yet and they've started shrinking! :lol::lol::lol:
  14. I bought a pair of 2 carat tw when I originally got them, because I knew I would they would
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    G VS2/SI1
    As long as the cut is ideal/excellent you can fudge on the color/clarity a bit.
    2.5 tcw is a great size!