Anyone else suffer from panic attacks or similar?

  1. Yes, driving was incredibly hard for me!! I couldn't get behind the wheel without fearing that I was going to faint.
  2. Hi all, i definitely have tried Rescue Remedy and have always kept one in my bag! I actually tried the Midwest center tapes and book, got so overwhelmed that I didn't complete the thing! I just found one on this page, believe it or not, that I am going to try. I downloaded the E book. I'll let you know if it works, it has a money back guarantee- so hope fully it will.
    Thanks for all of your help and concern!:heart:
  3. Midwest Center is overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's so easy. Good luck though on what you try. Hang in there!
  4. I really think I might look into the Midwest Center program. My dear friend has bad anxiety/social phobia and panic attacks and she buys a lot of books from the book store but it seems they contradict each other and then she gets so confused with what medicines she should take/stop taking. It seems very overwhelming for her. So sometimes I think the more you read the more you analyze.......
    Rescue Remedy is great and I think White Chestnut by Dr. Bach is also supposed to help anxiety. Maybe look in to the Dr. Bach website and see what they say? I am all for natural medications.......
  5. I love the Bach Flower Remedies. I have used Rescue Remedy for years...just probably not often enough! I even put it on my dogs when they are shaking at the vet!
  6. OMG! that's the one that I ordered and am halfway through with reading it!
    Thanks so much...Great Minds....Did you ever use it or know anyone who did? The testimonials are so good.
    You guys are amazing:heart:
  7. Let us know how it works out! The testimonials look good.
  8. I am half way through reading it tonight, and I drove with my son in the car and no sweaty palms:yahoo:..Now i just need to do it alone. They also have a section on airplane anxiety too, which will be very valuable to me!
  9. Chloe - are you talking about the Midwest Center one or the one?
  10. The Panicportal one!
  11. I might need to check this out...I still get airplane anxiety!!! How much was the program? Did you have to print it out on your printer?
  12. It was 67.00 dollars, and I just downloaded it to my desktop-I have a Mac.
    I think you can print it out, but it's at least 100 pages so you'd need alot of ink( and patience!)
    It has a section on flying and gives examples of using the technique. I have to say, I am looking forward each day, to facing driving and any panic, as it is about not running from it. I used to resist going anywhere!
    They also have a money back guarantee. I wa so happy to get it immediately and not have to wait for shipping-I never got an E book before.
  13. Oh! Okay! We have a Mac too - so awesome! I'll have hubby print it out at work.
    Now this is good for also when you're home in the middle of the night....where you thinking suddenly that you're dying and you have the strange urge to run outside??? :sad:
  14. I think it's probably good for ANY type of panic, at any time! I don't think you have to print it out- Just save it to your desktop or have him email attach it to you!
    I had tremendous progress today! I went on the freeway much further than I normally do, and my palms got sweaty, but I did the technique and I noticed it didn't progress to " I have to get off the Freeway!" I still had my teenage son with me. Hopefully soon I will go alone.
    Then all day I felt so much more confident about everything. I can't tell you how much more energized I felt after doing something I normally resist doing. I think dreading things and being anxious drains your energy...