Anyone else suffer from panic attacks or similar?

  1. Resurrecting this thread because I am all over the place lately. I feel like my life has been falling apart around me for a few years now. I've had stomach issues for the majority of my 20s and it has affected my mental health negatively. Just when I had all my questions answered and I changed my diet is when I mentally cracked. It's kind of ironic, but what can you do? Physically I am healthy, but mentally I feel as if I am in ruins. Some days I am so happy and positive that I can conquer my anxiety, but most days I am in tears barely able to get out of bed because I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I see so many of my friends around me happy and moving on with their lives and I feel trapped and the only place I feel safe is in my bedroom when I am sleeping...finally able to escape the constant running thoughts in my head. I am on my 4th therapist (finally started CBT) and have been with him since Feb. I am not seeing any real changes in my attitude. Certain events set my anxiety off (getting in cars as a passenger, public transportation, etc). I am in constant fear of getting sick and having to go to the bathroom and not being home. When I lose control of the situation (ie: being a passenger), I freak out. My poor family is suffering. They all walk one eggshells because no one knows how I will be when I wake up. I am so anxiety follows me around every day like a dark cloud that I cannot get rid of. Just when I feel things are looking up, my world comes crashing back down. I am in a wedding party in a few weeks and I am besides myself with worry that I will get sick during the limo ride or at the church. I just want this to go away!
  2. I'm so sorry this is affecting your life and feeling such crushing sadness. I don't have panic attacks now but I have in the past and they gradually reduced (my family dr. gave me a low dose valium Rx when my blood pressure was spiking and I eventually no longer needed that).

    Do you suffer from IBS or a form of colitis? If that can be treated you might see a lessening of the anxiety. I agree with seeing a dr. and the CBT; I've made a lot of positive changes with it. Have you been diagnosed with depression? I have to take an anti-depressant or I feel that terrible sadness and *what's the use* attitude daily, including what you described about just staying in bed and not leaving the room. It was my safe place. I've tried several kinds(anti-dep) and finally, after 3-4 months on Lexapro am feeling more like I'm in a normal range of emotions. It can take a few months to feel the full effects of a medicine!

    big hugs:hugs:

    I hope you can get both the physical and mental issues treated so you can begin living the life you are meant to live--happy and free
  3. Thank you for your sweet reply. I had a bad bout of sickness in my early 20s from antibiotics and was diagnosed in my mind 20s with something else. Everything is now under control, but the lack of control for so many years and the trauma of being sick just caught up to me. It was like a switch was just flicked one day and my whole life changed.

    It can get tiresome "fighting" this everyday, but I am determined to one day get better. I feel now, for the first time, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I may have setbacks and I may have a long road in front of me, but I want to get back. I want the life I have been dreaming of.

    Thank you again!
  4. I am still dealing with panic attacks and my only tips would be to focus and I mean really concentrate on deep breathing. Not only does it release calming chemicals to the brain but I often find I get distracted from the panic attack by focusing so hard :smile: x
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    I did a quick search for Lexapro and this thread popped up. After much debate, I decided to take the Lexapro my doctor prescribed for me. It's funny that you wrote this reply to me months ago and now I am using this medication.

    It has only been 5 days and he said it would take about a month before I see a change. I just have a difficult time believing that I may get my life back. Everyday I am anxious so it's hard for me to comprehend a life without it when I am used to living like this. Just wanted to see if you were still on it and if you have any advice for me.

    ETA: was wondering if you experienced any significant weight gain while taking Lexapro?
  6. Yes I am still on Lexapro. I still feel much better than I did a year ago--I was in such a pit of despair. Depression tells you it will never feel better, that you'll always feel that low. Originally they told me a couple weeks and I'd see improvement. Now they say full effects can take a few months, so hang in there.

    When I began taking it back in 2002, I gained about 15 pounds, which was awful because I'm already overweight and in post-menopause. Weight does not want to leave my body. But I work on the weight; feeling better mentally is worth a few pounds, for me.
  7. Boxermom, I cant thank you enough for replying. I am hoping to see the change start in a month to 6 weeks. Pit of despair is a perfect way to put it. Im so sick of feeling like this. I am in my late 20s and all my friends are moving forward and I feel stuck in the mud for more than 3 years now. I am a tad worried about weight gain since I am slender. Plus, I am hoping when I feel better to start dating again and I need all the self esteem I can get. Im hoping Lexapro is the answer to my prayers.
  8. I suffered from panic attacks for a couple of years, a while back. They usually happened when I was driving. My heart would kind of flip over and I felt I was going to swallow my tongue - not good. Sucking sweets or chewing gum helped that a bit.

    Anyway, I took Cipralex (Lexapro) for just under 2 years and slowly but surely things got better. Took about 4-6 months for it to kick in though (with increased dosage at around the 2 month mark). Thankfully it worked for me and I've never had a panic attack since.

    I didn't put on any weight with it btw.
  9. This helps me A LOT (deep breathing).

    Here's a hug to you getting better summer :hugs:!
  10. Thanks Kansas!
  11. Thank you for sharing that. This is giving me more hope that my life is finally going to get better.
  12. Your post really touched me. My daughter has OCD which is much different than your condition and I am a big proponent of talking about these issues openly and without any shame. Think of your mental health issues just as you would your physical health. I liken depression and other mental health issues to diabetes. Your body is missing a chemical that it needs, many times serotonin, just like ifor diabetes where the insulin is not working or is missing. Also don't give up if you don't see a difference just keep your doc informed because you may need dose or medication adjustments.
  13. Thanks for your post, Rockerchic. Everyone's responses mean a lot to me.

    I sometimes feel so much shame and embarassment, but you are right. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I just wish society was more understanding like you are.
  14. Just wanted to check in with everyone. It has been three weeks and I notice some slight changes. It is as if there is a bit more pep in my step if that makes sense. I am also not focusing on my stomach as much as I used to. I keep wondering what my life will be like in a month...2 months...etc. Praying for good things ahead!
  15. thanks for the update. Wishing you the best--it isn't easy having these problems. I applaud you for doing something about it:smile: