anyone else stuck working retail at the moment?

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  1. hey everyone, so i just started this new job a few weeks ago working in a chain clothing store at a mall in my city. i like the girls i work with and it is fun for the most part. i never intended to have this job for more than 6 months or so because i want to go back to school as soon as i can afford to work PT.

    anyways i was wondering if anyone else thinks its rediculous the amount of crap alot of people in retail have to put up with for such a low wage.

    yesterday i answered the phone and i hade no idea it was the district manager i was speaking to, i thought i answered it well saying all the tag lines i was supposed too. well apparently that wasnt good enough, the district manager told my boss i sounded "confused and slow" shortly after she stopped by the store and all the girls were in a panick because apparently this lady is a major B*tch. they call her "the dragon lady" lol
    she gave one girl a hard time because of the earings she was wearing (they were hoops, a little on the big side but i diddnt think their was anything wrong with them) and another girl got crap because she wasnt offering customers hand sanitizer?? wtf

    anyways apparently she never really has anything nice to say about the girls who work there so its "normal"

    i dunno, i guess im just ranting, i settled for this job only because i was unemployed for a month after the holidays, i am thinking about looking elseware, especially now.

    it just seems like its impossible to work for any large retail company without some crazy boss expecting you to live for the company making $8.00/hour
  2. wow $8 an hour...when i worked retail i started out making $6.25 and that was a quarter over minimum wage :nuts:

    but thankfully now i don't work retail, i don't work at all...which some times i regret and miss. but yes i have had to put up with all that kind of stuff and worse!! i have been yelled and screamed at by customers as well as almost pushed over by a shoplifter that i caught. i have had money thrown at me because people are angry at the price of something. i have been cursed at and told that i was a useless piece of sh* list can go on and on. oh and i have had some awful bosses too, and such hypocrites.
  3. I work retail, but I love it most of the time.

    That said, I really hope I get into grad school 'cause I know there isn't any room for advancement and the money is crap.
  4. i worked in retail from 16 until i graded college at 22!!! i put up with it for 6 longass years! i remember how i couldn't wait until graduation when i didn't have to make $11/hour anymore lol. now that i have my career... i kind of miss it! but ya i agree... i had to put up with a lot of sh*t... not really from the manager.. but from higher up and from customers! ive had some crazy ones during my time that i don't even want to try to remember...
  5. I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch for about 1 1/2 and hated it. Don't get me wrong, the discount was nice, but the horror stories I could tell you about that job... :wtf:

    I was working a campus job last semester, but my current class schedule doesn't let me get any hours during the week. So I think I'm looking for retail jobs again for weekends - trying for Sephora, Macy's, this fabulous consignment store back home, and a couple others.
  6. I worked in a retail clothing store one summer! I have to admit, it's a real pain... the mall closes at 9, and there were a few times where we didn't leave until 11:30 or even later! It's ridiculous how you get paid minimum and they expect so much from you. The managers there expect you to do more than what is expected. It's crazy... I quit after the summer because there was a new manager and she is a real b*tch! She gave this one girl a hard time and made her cry in front of customers... All the employees at the store did not like her and everybody began quitting.
  7. I'm not in retail anymore, but I worked full and parttime from my junior year in high school all the way until about 5 years ago when i finally started my career.

    I worked for a smaller local chain (surf) first, and then for a huge national chain (teen/young adult), and I gotta say it was better working for the smaller chain. They were really invested locally and except for one of the big investors, all lived on the island, so there was more of a "family" connection then "just business" it made it much easier to be a "team player".

    The larger chain really wanted everyone to drink the koolaid, but paid crap and the customers were a lot more irritataing.
  8. I worked retail in high school, college and a few years after college to supplement my primary job (entry level at an ad agency which was terrible pay).

    If you're looking for less stress, I'd suggest a Hallmark store! I worked in many of them and the atmosphere is totally different. Of course you don't get discounts on clothes but if you want a break I'd suggest that.

  9. working so late is a pain in the ass! the mall i work at closes at 9 aswell, we usually stay until 10pm and i dont get home until 11pm! occasionally they give me an opening shift the day after my late night shift too... lol
  10. thanks everyone for your replies! retail is a stage that most people go through in their lives and i guess ill have to just suck it up until i can go back to school
  11. I worked at Wet Seal 15 years ago.
    I was only there for the 3 months leading up to xmas and it was the only time in my life that I quit without two weeks notice. Never worked retail since.