Anyone else spending V-day alone...?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is spending V-day alone, away from a loved one...sniff. I am in MN this week and my BF in NYC and even though we celebrated V-day this past weekend, I cannot help to feel a bit lonely and left out. :crybaby: I know, I know, it's silly because it's just a regular day, but still...the commercials and everything else make it hard to forget about it!
  2. Im not dating at the moment, so I don't have a Valentine, but Im going to spend today with my big sister who is also single.
    You should call your BF :smile: . And if you're already feeling a bit emotional then why not rent a sobsob movie and eat ice cream :yes:
  3. I'm single at the moment. My friends and I are going to go give blood. I believe that Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark day, everyday should be Valentine's Day if you're in love.
  4. What a great thing to do. (Giving blood) Kudos to you and your friends!!
  5. I'm away from my BF..he's at school in NY and I'm here. Boo.
  6. PHH is in South Africa for work. Getting tons of cuddles from the kidlets though.
  7. I think I might be :crybaby: I was suppose to fly to NC to see my boyfriend today, but with the ice storm, I think my flight will be cancelled. I'm so upset.:crybaby:
  8. I wont be alone, I will be with my DD's. But, no hubby to be here with us..:crybaby: :crybaby: Not until next weekend..

  9. Megs won't be flying in today to Columbus, either. :s

    But don't despair, the plans still stick for Saturday! :shame:
  10. DH works in King of Prussia, PA and we live in NY. He leaves Monday morning and doesn't come home until Thursday afternoon. I really don't mind. I don't sweat the small stuff, KWIM? Maybe I've been married too long (almost 14 years) and I've forgotten how it was when we were dating.
  11. fiancee is working tonight, so we celebrated last is also his b-day today!!!
  12. Jupp, I'm single, but it's not really that big deal. It's just a hallmark holiday, so not a big deal, especially not here although people have started to make a small fuss about it the last years.
  13. I thought of that, too! :smile:

    I think I will go watch a movie with a friend, but as someone said earlier, V-day should be everyday.
  14. Yes, DH is in California - boo hoo, that's okay we already celebrated on Saturday!
  15. jilly bean,

    i am sorry that after so much prep work you might not get to make the trip to see your guy. i hope that you are safely there by now.:yes::yes: