Anyone else sick of waiting for the purple reissue?

  1. I feel like I have been waiting forever :sad:. And part of this is because we all knew about it so far in advance, that made the waiting longer. All this waiting has turned me off to it, I told my SA to take my name off the list and offer mine to the next person on the list. This is what happens when I wait too long for something, I get sick of it.

    I know a purple glazed lambskin flap is coming, I'm waiting for that one. I think I might like it better than the metallic one :jammin:.
  2. Ok, I guess I am alone in feeling this way, LOL! I see this message has had 71 looks, but no posts!

    Well, I hope a PF'er gets the bag that was going to be mine!
  3. Well, I'm still waiting, but don't know if I will get one or not. If I get one fine and if not that's okay also. I'm also sick of waiting, but if this doesn't work out I know something else will come along that I will love even more.:smile:
  4. I am sick of waiting but at the moment, I will keep on waiting .....
  5. Hi Diane! :smile: Ahh, yeah, I've been waiting for silly NM to call me for ages... I got on the waiting list for the metallic purple 226 reissue way before there was even a list haha! :rolleyes: I'm still impatiently waiting! :sad:

    I hope you love the new vintage (whatever that means) lambskin purple flap that's coming out as part of the pre-Fall collection! :love: I'm still too scared of lamb, but if vintage means distressed lamb, then I might be in a bit of trouble. :nuts:
  6. Yes I can relate, the excitement sort of dies when you have to wait too long, that on top of realizing that a bunch of people ahead of you on the list bought them and have them listed on eBay. I don't mind the resell part as much, its all supply and demand, but when it comes down to something you are not 100% you want, then it makes my decision kinda of easy to drop off the list. I think my interest died down the moment I saw them listed over and over on eBay, with no bidding frenzy going on, I do not know how to explain it except that it kinda took something special about them away.
  7. I'm still waiting on anyone to call me about the 227 dark red metallic. I'm anxious, but not sick of waiting. I know it will be soon enough that they call.
  8. I didn't preorder the purple metallic, but I did for the navy. I'm definitely anxious about receiving it! I had been tempted after seeing a few pics to take my name off the reserve list - I wanted a very deep navy almost black - but I'm glad I stuck with it since a few PFers who've gotten theirs already have mentioned how dark it looks IRL.

    Good luck with your vintage lambskin!
  9. i was sick of waiting too after being on the list for two weeks (impatient, me? :p) but then whenever i logged onto TPF and saw a new post on the purple reissue and the plethora of pictures of it, it would re-ignite my love for the reissue and that was what kept me going (even after the whole saga i had with an SA and the wrong purple reissue size and it not even being sent out, etc). aaaand speaking of waiting some more, i've been waiting for a week now to have my cc details verified by the store (i'm not using an amex that's why) before the purple reissue can be sent to me.

    i guess it's a matter of how much i really want that purple reissue that determines how willing i am to wait for it. but it's purple we're talking about! ;)
  10. hey Minal! :balloon:

    I do love metallic leather, but it's not my favorite. AND (I must say) after seeing your purple caviar flap it made me realize that what I prefer. I really would love a large flap in caviar purple leather. So why I am setteling? I love purple (it's my birthstone too) and I really would just prefer caviar. Now I realize they are not making it in caviar right now, so I will wait. Then I heard about the lambskin flap coming in purple, I'm slightly interested and will wait to see that one, but if I don't love it more than the caviar, then I will pas son that too. My SA said he's keeping me on the list (I'm the first one) and will call me when the metallic purple comes in, just in case I realize I want it. He's nice like that :lol:.
  11. I was also suprised to see not much interest in them on ebay too, and I sort of know what you mean by how that took the excitement away for you. I still think the bag is beautiful, and the color is great, but I was on the fence about it for the past few weeks, and then just decided that since I wasn't loving it 100%, then I would wait for the lamb one and see how I like that one.
  12. Yes, I love purple too. I recently bought 3 b bags in purple, I just love the color. And the thought of a purple reissue, well, I loved the idea. But in the end it was the metallic leather that I guess I decided against. I do like metallic leather, but I guess I keep thinking that caviar or lamb would be more classic? :shrugs: I don't know, that's what I am feeling for myself. I know I will enjoy seeing everyones pictures of their metallic flaps though!

    Sorry for 3 posts in a row, but I can't seem to get how to work the multi quote option!
  13. Hey! :heart: Ahh, I know what you mean!! :nuts: I absolutely love caviar leather, because it's as functional as it is beautiful (to me anyway)! :love: I spent a very long time looking for that fall '06 violet color, and I'm so happy I found my e/w! :girlsigh:I think you'll love the lambskin from pre-fall... it sounds very promising, but like you said, if you aren't in love, well hey, you'll find the perfect bag for you! :tup:

    I recently returned my metallic green reissue for that very reason... the green stitching was bugging me (I don't know why, but I didn't love the contrast stitching), and the bag itself wasn't as green as I thought it would be, and for that amount of money, if you're not in love, what's the point of keeping it? I actually have a beige medium caviar flap with silver h/w on its way to me instead (I put off buying that particular flap, but with prices going nowhere but upwards, I decided to bite the bullet)! :smile: Ohhh, I think you also have that flap too hehe (I remember seeing it in a post), so we'll be beige flap twins! :nuts:

    By the way, your SA is the best... he's the one sending me my flap (and also taking the reissue return)... I've spoken to him on the phone too many times haha (he's probably like omg, not that annoying girl again)! :lol:
  14. DD101, what size r u waiting for? My SA 'might' help w/225
  15. Absolutely! To be honest, I'm having the exact same thoughts... had I known earlier that there would be a purple lambskin coming out for pre-fall, I'd have skipped the metallic purple. I guess I just got caught up in the frenzy for the metallic purple and the fact that like a lot of people here, I'm just really would like a purple chanel. I have concerns about the metallic purple being a bit too blingy, etc and like you mentioned, a purple lambskin/caviar would seem like a more practical/wearable choice.

    that said, i guess for me, i'll still try to get both purples (metallic reissue and pre-fall lambskin) since the shade of the purple might differ, though i'm really having some high hopes for the pre-fall purple. (it must be a serious purple addiction i'm having. :p)