Anyone else sick of seeing fake jewelry...

  1. Is anyone else sick of seeing fake jewelry like I am??? I am so sick of seeing cubic zirconia. If I want quality jewelry (not cheap casual mall jewelry) I don't want cubic zirconia. It's so hard now to find actually, non-fake jewelry with real diamonds. Why would someone bother to make a tennis bracelet with white gold, and put fake diamonds??? Even places like Saksfifthavenue now, and Nordstrom are starting to sell a lot of cubic zircona. I once went to a place that had fake gold in a seperate glass than everything else, and then it was all cucic zirconia. Why would you pay that much for fake gold??? I'm not sure either, cuz I saw this very pretty ring and it says Real Gold and then it front of it, it has CZ, which might mean Cubic Zirconia and it is priced very expensive. I just don't get why people would pay hundreds of dollars for fake stuff. Anyone else feel the same way???
  2. yea, like this ring I saw at NM retail for 745 on sale for 620. that's crazy for cz. it is a pretty ring though I wouldn't pay that much for it.
  3. different strokes for different folks. CZs aren't "fake" stones, they're manmade synthetic substitutes. By fake gold, I'll take that you mean costume jewelry, and I agree that high end retailers have costume jewelry that are extremely overpriced, it's highly profitable for them, and there are people that do purchase them. I did not notice that it's hard to find gold jewelry with diamonds in the retail market at all, they're more expensive than before though. The value of gold has gone up a lot in the past 3 years, so the price of gold jewelry has risen in accordance as well.
  4. nah. . .
    although the title you put under your user name here and your siggy doesn't suprise me that you feel that way.

    Not everyone has the $ to buy expensive jewelry, doesn't mean they shouldn't get to wear it anyhow.
    I honestly don't notice if someone's jewelry is fine or not.
    Life's too short to care about minute details like that for me.

  5. Swanky, I gotta agree with you 1000%. My motto about another persons possessions - If you like it, I love it..... I
  6. I can see using my $20 CZ earrings when I am running around a busy clinic and I could easily lose them. I like the small, not blinging versions. For me there is something very scary about earrings, they are too easy to lose. I have no problem wearing my wedding/engagement diamonds in clinic.
    I don't use CZ to go out, though.
    I am definitely stunned at the price- NM is charging big bucks for fake diamonds. I saw them in the catalog and was puzzled by that.
  7. Ya, I'm just very self conscious. Like, if I spent 700 dollars on fake diamonds or gold, I'd be really'd feel to me like I was carrying a knockoff. I mean, no one else around me would notice, but I'd always wonder if they could tell whether it was fake or not, no matter how silly that is anyway. I mean if a ring is really pretty, and its CZ, I might buy it, but if its like 700 dollars I'd prob. rather one with real gold with a smaller diamond. I just get so frustrated, cuz sometimes I want to buy real gold and @ NM and Saksfifthavenue I find a lotta cubic zaronica. Its nice, but I perfer real stuff before it a lot.
  8. I know what you mean, I share the same view! Like I'd rather have something made of real gold than a big sparkly CZ thing. It's a personal thing.
    But I suppose people wear jewelery for different reasons, and people think about jewelery differently. I've had it instilled in me by my family only to buy "real" jewelery and that's my preference. I have got some really nice, well-made cocktail jewelery though - it's fun to wear out at night!
  9. What Swanky Mama of Three said.
  10. I agree with una. Its fun to have some cocktail rings and fun stuff like that, but if I want an investment in quality long-lasting (like charish forever) jewelry, I'd just rather something real.
  11. I second what Swanky said! I am not bothered by it at all. Not everyone can wear diamonds. I won't wear expensive earrings when I am at the gym. I wear the $$$$ stuff when I know it won't get lost.
  12. I know, I've just been brought up differently than a lotta kids. I mean, my parents spoiled me a lot...they always wanted the best for me, (like most parents tho.) and I had my first designer purse at 10 years old, my first Chanel at 13. I went to a catholic school my whole life--although I protested and always wanted to go to a public school, they wouldn't have anything less than the best they could find for me. Being at the school I went to, especially around the ages of 11-14, kids would freak out if you told them your jewelry was faux. I had a best friend in juinor high and i thought these earrings were really pretty but they weren't real gold, and kids would flip out and be like, "Why are you wearing fake jewelry?" Its just how I was raised, I guess.
  13. It was like a sin to wear anything less than 14k. gold, no matter how beautiful the jewelry. It was how i was brought up.
  14. Hehe, I just love gold, I enjoy wearing it and knowing that it's real. I wouldn't look down on anyone else's taste in jewelery, I mean they're the ones wearing it and it's what it means to you that matters.
    Costume jewellery can be really cool and arty. My sis has completely different tastes and buys big plastic jewellery in funky colours; she wouldn't be seen dead wearing "real" jewellery. :p