Anyone else sick of rude ebay sellers?

  1. Personalshoppers is really irking me. Won't even take the time to type e-mails with punctuation.

    Also has made rude remarks with regard to my making lower offers on items that she has grossly overpriced.

    It's hard for me to understand how person selling bags in this medium (which is basically involves NO SERVICE, yet totally dependent on the interest/goodwill of the consumer) can be so rude.

    Anyone else need to vent on this subject?
  2. i had no experience with personalshoppers, but from ur post, she sounds rude.

    i know some PFers mentioned her widely collection and price of chanel bags...
  3. I posted a very similar thread the other day - I asked an eBay seller a question and got the most horrible response. Like that's going to make me want to buy from them.
  4. sounds like my seller that I'm dealing with right now. I'll post her name after I get my money back!
  5. Or how about my seller who shipped me the wrong item and wants ME to pay to ship it back before they will ship the correct item!!!

    I have opened a claim with paypal for the wrong item recevied. You would think they would do whatever to make it right, They have 100% feedback and geeze a neg may be in the future here!!
  6. I suppose I have been lucky on eBay so far, mainly good experiences...but...I am as careful as all get-out as to who I buy from.

    Better luck in the future to you.
  7. Don't even deal with it! Get it from someone else. I hate rude people.
  8. i hate the rude replies to perfectly legit questions and to very politely put ones at that!
  9. eBay just isn't worth it to me anymore. I think that there are just too many risks involved and I'd rather pay a bit more and know for sure that the item I am buying is real, smoke free, etc... Too many problems with eBay in the past regarding designer stuff.
  10. I haven't really had any "rude" sellers, but I've had some annoying buyers AND sellers. This one seller took nearly a week to send me something that shouldn't have taken much time at all to get here. Plus, they didn't respond to my emails when I asked when and how they shipped it. I paid $15 for shipping, too!

    As for a buyer, I sell books on ebay (if anyone is familiar with Red Dress Ink, they're ones like that) and had a lot of 2 for sale. I started it at $10.99 which is quite a bargain, considering each book sells for $12.95 in the stores. So anyway some person emailed me and wanted to know if I'd do a buy it now for $6 for the two books.
    Um no. My books are as perfect as they get and I know people like deals, but I'm not just going to GIVE things away. IMO, about $5 per book is an incredibly good deal. $3, I just can't do. I've had plenty of people who have bought my books so I'm not going to just sell them so cheaply. It just gets annoying sometimes.
  11. I hate rude sellers and refuse to buy from them.

    I especially hate when I see a person has left them negative feedback for bad service, or a slow refund, and they are rude to the feedback! Saying things like, "Buyer is insane nutcase," or "Buyer is CRAZY," etc. I stay away from them like the plague.
  12. How about a seller who quotes one shipping fee before bidding, but after winning the auction, sends you an invoice for MORE, then ignores all emails for a refund on the difference? The difference is not that huge, but it just irks me that the seller is so dishonest and without integrity.
  13. I have had quite a few rude seller replies to polite and reasonable questions. Sometimes you just have to take the higher road and slay them with kindness... either that, or buy from someone else. No point getting upset yourself over someone's else's apparent lack of manners or courtesy.
  14. Never dealt with that seller, but maybe she's just busy. Or maybe she's had a run of rude bidders/buyers. Nasty ebayers, buyers or sellers can ruin it for people.
  15. I bought some necklace on eBay with BIN, I paid and I asked seller that would it be possible to give me some discount for the shipping bcoz' she lives in the same state with me and shipping fee for 1 necklace is $20.00.
    In my mind, just hope that she might be kind but if she doesn't give discount, I'm fine with that. It's just a question. She replied me that if I don't want the necklace she'll relist and leave me negative feedback. And said a lot of thing cursing me.

    WTF??? I actually paid her already
    Am I wrong?