Anyone else see this Glamour article?

  1. It's in the most recent issue (Drew Barrymore on the cover), one of their staffers stopped drinking for a month and lost like 15 pounds! Before she stopped drinking, she said she drank 1-2 drinks a day (though I suspect that she may have underestimated because she mentioned always going to parties, events, etc). I was totally shocked that you could lose that much. Anyone else see the article or done the same thing?
  2. I did not see that article, but two of my friends have put on a LOT of obvious weight because of their increase in weekly drinking. So, I am not at ALL surprised.
    One has gone through a divorce, so she's back in the social scene drinking at the very least each and every weekend. The other, has made some business 'changes' and it has caused her to have to socialize more..she drinks approx. 4 times per week...sometimes two sometimes a lot more.
    They have both gained so much weight and I (and one of them) am convinced it's the increased alcohol consumption.
    (I never drank in h.s., did in college and gained 20 pounds in a flash...dropped it immediately after I slowed down)
  3. Well there are a lot of calories in beer and other alcoholic drinks, especially with all the sugar added etc. Not surprised- but she was drinking quite a bit it seems
  4. I believe it !!! Alcohol is such a waste of calories. "Empty Calories" they are called. Also alcohol interferes with the metabolism of fat cells.:yucky:
  5. I totally believe this as well. I know I have gained weight b/c of drinking. When I was running races, I would not drink 10 days before a race. And I could lost several pounds easily. I would love to try this and really should....
  6. Plus drinking is kind of hidden calories, personally I can't eat much when I have a couple of drinks because I get full good for calories but not for nutrition (plus it hits a little harder too which also isn't great) but if you are eating exactly the same and adding the drinks that's just bad news...... I like to get a drink or two over the weekend and maybe once during the week I have a glass of wine and it doesn't affect my weight.
  7. don't forget the when you drink alcohol, you're more likely to eat unhealthy food.
  8. ^^^And at unGodly 2 a.m.! (not that I've ever done that...errmmm...)
  9. Sounds like a college kids life :yes:
  10. absolutely true. cut the alcohol and the pounds will fall off. I put on weight by drinking. Now I am losing it by drinking less, eating better and exercising more. Of course, it helps that my marriage is better, since that's what got me depressed and drinking more in the first place!
  11. That's interesting because I thought Drew Barrymore did not drink anymore @ all because she had been in rehab for a drinking and drug problem when she was like 13. Seems like if you'd been to rehab for an issue like that, you probably wouldn't want to drink "social" again. I need to check out that article. I like Drew. Thanks for posting.
  12. I put on about 20 pounds during college with binge drinking and going through the Steak and Shake drive through or hitting Denny's at 2 a.m. :push: Alcohol hinders weight loss, most definitely. Alcohol is simple sugars, and just empty calories. Too bad I love drinking :nuts: I try to keep it to wine and light beer once a week, and avoid mixed drinks like margaritas and white russians. Also, when I've been drinking and want a snack, I now avoid hitting the drive-thru (sometimes I'm too drunk anyway!) and keep "healthier" snacks like low fat cheese and whole grain crackers instead. That's not to say I haven't rang up Papa John's and ordered a pizza at 1 a.m. lately :p Pepperoni and banana peppers - heaven!
  13. I saw the article, unfortunately for me I really do not drink ever, so it doesn't apply! lol
  14. I used to drink vodka and tonic or wine daily (two or three max) and about six months ago I just kind of stopped, but I haven't lost any weight, unfortunately! I drink a lot of water every day, but for me I think it's hereditary and I need more physical exercise. But in general I do believe drinking alcohol adds a lot of calories because it turns to sugar in your system after you drink it.
  15. I read that yesterday (as I was drinking a beer... LOL), and promptly decided to not drink anymore. I had no idea that i was ingesting so many extra calories!