Anyone else see the pink scarf print top handle pouch?

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  1. I saw this while walking through Macy's today. It's the same print as Kimmie's supercute wristlet but it is a top handle pouch with a small kisslock compartment on one side. Like Kimmie's, it is trimmed in the magenta patent and has the pretty pink heart and adorable little pink scarf. Man, I was this close.........but I didn't do it because those pouches are just too small for me. Just thought I'd mention that this exists-sorry if it's old news.
  2. Isn't that the one that's $198? :wtf:If it is then, I saw it. It's cute but not that cute for me.
  3. I didn't see the price because I was blinded by the boots on sale that match the studded gallery totes, they drew me away from the counter and over to shoes...and they probably saved me some $$!