Anyone else rock out with key holder wallets???

  1. I've been wanting to get a new key holder wallet for some time and completely forgot until I was googling something unrelated and for some crazy reason ran into this prada 2008 saffiano key case. I guess fate was reminding me its about time :idea:

    Does anyone else carry key holder wallets? For some reason I feel like I'm in the minority or maybe its just me :upsidedown:. The wallets make it so much easier for me. I have a lot of house keys including mine and my parents (I need three different keys just to get through their front doors!!!) So its so much easier to find and carry my own keys then having a giant set of keys some I don't regularly use. I'm always getting confused which is my house so this way I just leave my house on my car keys and the extras go in the wallet.

    They also have black in the Prada but its blahh I want something jazzy and I love the silver I was also at one point considering the damier azur case they both hold 6 keys. What do you guys think I should get? Or do you have something better to suggest? Or do you think I shouldn't get it and just carry a bunch of keys cuz my sis thinks its lame and a waste of money to get a wallet for it.

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  2. I love the key holder wallets! I have a chanel cambon ligne and it is the handiest thing ever! I have just about worn out the clips though I need to be scouting a new one.
  3. I love my zipped LV key wallet! I can stuff all my ID plus a credit card and some bills in there to use as a wallet. It is easy to take the keys off if I put each of them on a tiny split ring.

    I had a bad time with my key ring getting stuck in pockets, some sort of pouch is better for me. I had a French hinge Coach pouch that was nice too.

    That Prada is pretty!
  4. I've never used one, but have been thinking of getting one lately. I'm tired of my keys stabbing everything inside my purse and always having to try to figure out which pocket I can put them in without them scratching everything else. And I always, always, accidentally drop my cell phone into the same pocket my keys are in, risking scratching. 8 pockets and I always pick the key pocket. :rolleyes:

    Can anyone recommend one that is under $100?
  5. I have the LV 4-key holder (Damier Azur) and I love it! It's a cute little accessory, plus I don't have to worry about my keys damaging the lining in my bags (or scratching up anything else). I don't think it was a waste of money at all! It's one of my most-used accessories, and I think they definitely serve a purpose.

    Something to consider is how many keys you have and if they'll fit properly.

    I think the one you pick will have to come down to the style you like best, but if I had to choose I'd say the LV.
  6. I love their practicality and wish more designers would make them. :yes:

    BTW, out of the two, I prefer the Prada.
  7. I never gave this any thought until the other day. I was making copies in the copy room and on the table were my coworkers keys contained in a signature coach case. I started thinking to myself, every time I take the dog for a walk I don't like to have to carry all my dangling keys on the key chain. I am now seeking something smart looking like this. Any suggestions? And can a car key be placed in this case as well, or is it too bulky?
  8. I have been thinking about it but I have a stumbling block becuase it is so old fashion to me... LOL I remember them being used a lot when I was a kind and they were so hard to use...
  9. ^^ Thanks for responding Coach. It's just that my key ring has grown!!!! and it now includes my car key as well as my mother's keys, so I find when I have to take a walk with the dog I can't stand carrying a poop bag and cell in one hand and the other hand is bulging with a wad of keys in the other. I end up locking myself out of the house and having my kids let me in because I just don't want to deal with about 10 keys bursting out of my pant pocket or having to carry them. I know sounds silly! I agree. Searching the web now in quest for something pretty and functional and NOT black! (Has to be easy to find in my bag!)
  10. ^i was just going to say i really want a key holder in black! :p