Anyone else read the article on Balenciaga in the Sept. issue of ELLE?

  1. It was pretty interesting- it was about the house in general and about the workings of the retrospective "Balenciaga Paris".

    I'd love to go see it! It is on view at the Musee de la Mode et du Textile in Paris through January 2007.
    The clothes are being shown on androids in a spaceship!:P

    a couple of interesting parts from the article:

    "Today's fashionably dressed women recognize Balenciaga more for Ghesquiere's dynamic ready-to-wear and coveted Lariat bag than for the arch haute couture clothes that changed the face of fashion decades ago. "Balenciaga was never a trendy name, and then it just stopped," Ghesquiere says, smiling. "I'll tell you the part of the public that knows the name Balenciaga now. Fashion addicts and young people. They know the runway show from TV. They say to me, 'Oh yeah! Balenciaga! I know it! That bag! And another generation knows Balenciaga for who he was. I hope the exhibition will put everyone together."

    "Balenciaga Paris" takes on some serious challenges. No other name in fashion history is spoken with the worshipful tone reserved for Cristobal Balenciaga, whose austere, magisterial designs raised the craft of fashion to art. Balenciaga's subtly elegant work often lacked the showstopping glamour of his first competitor, Christian Dior, and the accessible chic of his second, Coco Chanel. "Balenciaga is not easy to communicate," Goblin says. "This is a man who opened his house in 1937 with his entire vocabulary in place. Thirty-one years later he worked around the same vocabulary. He refined it to the most essential detail- the seam- and worked around forms of construction. He kept simplifying this puzzle over 31 years." While the shrewdly self-promoting Dior and Chanel were favorites of journalists in Europe and the US, Balenciaga gave not a single interview until he closed his atelier. "Cristobal Balenciaga was the antithesis of what a designer was in his era," Goblin says. "His legacy is his work. He left no clues as to what it's about".

    "Balenciaga closed his house in 1968, and under the name remained largely out of the public eye under various owners until 1997, when Ghesquiere was named creative director."

    "Balenciaga was 77 when he died in 1972 (the year after Ghesquiere was born) and was a couturier working in an age when clients possessed the leisure and wealth to have their nightgowns fitted three times. Ghesquiere was a teenager from the northern French town of Comines who attended high-school in the technology crazed 80's. Once an assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier, he makes skinny pants minibombers for the ultramodern woman of the twenty first century."

    "Until preparations began for "Balenciaga Paris," Ghesquiere had mostly avoided the mythic work the master left behind. Although he had seen Balenciaga's pieces in museum collections, the designer's clothing, accessories, photographs, fabric samples, and sketches were kept from Ghesquiere until the Gucci Group bought the house in 2001. "A woman had guarded them," he says, laughing. "She was overprotective, let's say," he says of Madam Marie-Andree Jouve, who had meticulously maintained the trove. He never asked to see them, choosing instead to establish his own vocabulary. Ghesquiere made clear that he intended to step out of the master's shadow. "I never pretended that I knew about the patrimony or that I was interested in Balenciaga's life and career". "The point was to not be paralyzed by Balenciaga's work."
    Ghesquiere did not seriously look at the archives until 2004 when he decided to reissue a limited-edition series of reproductions from the haute couture called Balenciaga.Edition."
  2. thanks for posting this! wow this is a long exhibit! it started back in spring but for some reason i never got around to going. i first heard about it from a friend who was in charge of publicity for this exhibit. he showed me the little booklet with pictures of some of the pieces and they are GORGEOUS! i would def recommend seeing it.
  3. Awesome!:smile:
    In the article it mentioned a "$101,370 Swarovski crystal embroidered gown from fall '06" -sounds like a showstopper!
  4. Thanks for posting this, sammiekat! I'm hoping to see the exhibit this fall if I can make it.

    Has anyone been to see it?
  5. Oh- I wonder if anyone could take pictures?
  6. If I can, zacorey, I will! (Though I suspect that they might not let me. :shrugs:)
  7. That would be so cool if they do let you! I'd love to see some pics! Maybe a mag will do a feature w/pics sometime.
    This article just had pics of the fall '06 collection I believe & one pic of the space-y wedding dress Cristobal did back in the day.
  8. I haven't seen the exhibition yet:shame:
    (I just need to walk about 20 minutes to go to Musée de la Mode...)

    but I've planned to go !!!!
    And I'll post pics:graucho: :graucho: !!!
  9. You're SO lucky!
    Please do! We wanna see! :yes: