Anyone else prefer yellow gold?

  1. I used to LOVE white gold. But I do prefer yellow gold.

    I never hated yellow, but over the last many years my boyfriend for gifts has bought me yellow and I still loved it, but it certainly grew on me.

    I see mostly white gold on people though, not so much yellow.

    Anyone here prefer yellow gold to white gold?
  2. I do!:p
  3. it completely depends on the style of the jewel. i think it's hard to go wrong with white gold whereas yellow gold can be really really tacky and gaudy. but it can also be absolutely beautiful. of course there are exceptions but i think with yellow gold, the simpler the jewel, the better. i also love brushed yellow gold - think big cocktail ring in brushed yellow gold and a big stone.
    i also love yellow gold in jewelry that looks almost handmade or ethnic - hammered gold or more artisanal pieces.
    one thing i hate unless it's artisanal pieces is two-tone jewelry, especially watches with both yellow and white gold.
  4. I go through phases on this. When I first got married, I only had white gold. Then, as years went on, I would add yellow gold. Now, many years later, I'm more in to the white golds and platinums. I do mix and match though. I have some sterling/18K gold designer pieces that I wear as well.

    I wear what I like and what makes me feel good.
  5. I wear mostly white gold, but I do have a weakness for my 24 karat yellow gold from Singapore.
  6. Personally I like to match it all but I know other golds can work together. I really like pink gold too actually, but I've only seen it on a trinity ring.

    I think gold with too many diamonds or maybe with certain diamonds can look gaudy. But I think I have seen brushed yellow but I'm not sure.
  7. I really like the higher yellow golds like 18k and 22k. I think it looks really beautiful, and since I have darker skin, yellow actually compliments me better!

  8. I prefer yellow gold for a lot of things--except my e-ring. I thought it looked better in platinum--that's just my preference.

    Most of the necklaces and earrings I wear are yellow gold--I just like the look of it better. I find that white gold looks cold, and yellow looks warmer.
  9. I wear both. Depends on the outfit, etc...
  10. I have more white gold than anything but I have pieces that are white and yellow mixed and just yellow so it allows me to wear one or the other or mix them, I often mix white, yellow and silver pieces and love the look and I also just got a few pieces that are rose gold mixed with silver so now I have more options.
  11. Absolutely! I'm the only person other than my mother that loves gold. I'm a naturally bronzy person so I find that silver tones don't complement me.
  12. Yellow gold has grown immensely on me the last year and I'm starting to prefer it for some items. I like yellow necklace chains as well as plain band rings.
  13. Me too. Personally I prefer yellow gold for the office and white for when I go out.

    Of course, I do have some pieces where I wish it was yellow gold instead of white or the other way around...
  14. Yellow gold all the way for me, sometimes i think white gold just looks like cheap silver!! But i must say platinum engagement rings look really classy.:heart:
  15. I do. I agree with windycityaj and elongreach that while of course we look fabulous in silver, yellow gold (or goldtone) is generally more becoming for brunettes,

    lolitakali made a great post in another thread explaining the different ways gold and silver reflect, and I think it is that warmth bouncing off that causes that increased brunette pop factor!