Anyone else post term?? This is gettin' old!!

  1. Well some of you may know that my due date was "supposed" to be Sep 17 and yes I know that's just an estimate. It's now Sep 26 and the end of my 42nd week is rapidly approaching. Long story short, I had an unsuccessful induction Sep 10 and was scheduled for another yesterday. We were all set to go until the nurse called me and told me they had to put my induction on hold since they had 8 active laboring women and only 6 available beds. I completely understand this conundrum! So basically it's just a waiting game for the both of us and we're just hanging out at home already getting cabin fever from not working! We're workaholics..:sweatdrop:.

    My baby seems to be moving quite well and regularly which is a good sign. My question to you ladies out there is have any of you gone through a similar situation and is there any hope in sight? I feel like I'm in perpetual limbo with no end in sight! :s
  2. Aw man- hugs first of all!

    I delivered my son on Nov 4, 2001- my original due date was October 26 and I was HUGE!

    There is an end in sight! one thing that made me relax was a warm bath- walking up and down stairs if you can-

    is this your first baby? Seth was my first (and still only) and it was something else NOT feeling him inside me after I had him- but it was AWESOME to not have to pee every 25 mintues! lol~

    Post pics of the cutie patootie soon- GL with the delivery- I'm sure you'll do fine- your baby will erase EVERYTHING in your life up until that point! :flowers:
  3. Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement!! Yes, it will be our first and we're just absolutely thrilled!!! :yahoo:

    I've heard of baby amnesia before..:p You just simply forget everything you've gone through once you see your baby! I can't wait for that feeling!!!!!

    Were you induced or did your baby just decide on his own?
  4. Hang in there. Baby has a mind of it's own, lol. My first came exactly 2 weeks after due date on his own. And when you see your baby face to face for the first time, it'll be so amazing.
  5. My daughter was late. It was summer. We lived in a second story walkup. I looked like a baby elephant. I didn't think that kid was going to EVER come out. I don't know that have amnesia about the experience- I still remembered how badly it sucked-but she was worth it in the end.
  6. My baby was overdue too...his gestation was already 40 weeks and still had no sigh of popping antime soon. After induction, still no contraction. Decided to go ahead with C-section. He was about 10 pounds at birth. Glad I went ahead with the C-sect though as I didn't think I would have made it with a natural delivery for a baby as big as this.
  7. Good luck to you! I hear a lot of first babies take their time, but I am sure that is no comfort to you. Hopefully from him being late as opposed to early as all of my babies have been, baby will come home 100 percent healthy and robust!
  8. HUGS to you. I was induced on the 26th on my due date b'c baby is getting quite large. Good luck on your delivery and have a speedy recovery-i know how anxious you might feel now!
  9. I'm due this Friday and getting so anxious. I went early with both of my other daughters so I thought for sure I would have had this baby by sucks waiting, I can't wait to see her!