Anyone else PO'ed?

  1. ARGH- my store got all of the hearts in but neither of the cosmetic cases, which were the only ones I really wanted :cursing: It's not so much the delay that bugs me but that people in other places around the world are getting theirs NOW and we have to wait another 3 weeks :hysteric: I mean I could maybe see it for a minor market to be late in getting in new items, but the US? LV's most vital region after Japan and maybe China and Korea? Just doesn't make sense to me :nogood:

    Sorry for rambling but I needed to vent :sweatdrop:
  2. Don't feel bad, my store doesn't even have the hearts in.
  3. I feel the same way. I was expecting them this week. My whole weekend was planned & now it's ruined.I thought US should be at least getting some in...Now we'r the last one.
  4. My store is holding them for an event 4 weeks away ...all the miroir items, the hearts and the new cles:tdown:
  5. Yes, ME! I won't go into details, but a fiasco going on here with all of those items. Grrrrr!!!!
  6. I had my name down to be called when it came in at two different places one in california and one in arizona and neither called...
  7. Have my name on waiting list in several different stores and told sorry we do not have any in and if we get them it will Be Feb 1 so just waiting and waiting.
    BTW waiting list, is a farce. The SA who unpacks the shipment gets to call their customers first, even if they are lower on the waiting list.
  8. Well if your frustrated try living in Canada we seem to get everything even later then the US even though we are less then a few hours away from some of the major cities there like NY.

    And they have lists here but never call anyone anyway. I have asked more then a few people if they ever get called for items and the answer always seems to be no. We have to stalk the store ha ha ha and call everyday to find out when it really comes.

    Good Luck I hope you get them soon
  9. Yes, it stinks!!!!! I hate waiting!
  10. my store has the new stuffs,but it was prepared to be displayed on the window.. so i wouldn't have seen them if i didn't ask. but being the updated tpfer its what i went to see so i asked away!!
  11. Waiting is pure torture!
  12. My thoughts exactly!!
  13. I hate waiting, too, especially when you see a bunch of lucky non-U.S. tPFers already getting theirs. I can't wait any longer!
  14. I called in to my SA and didn't get the Miroir gold cosmetic case that I really want, but did get one in pomme that should arrive on Wednesday. I hope the shipment comes soon!!!