Anyone else play bubbles with your dog?

  1. One day when I was outside blowing bubbles with my kids, I inadvertently discovered how my Shih Tzu pup Bentley, LOVES to chase bubbles! Now I take him outside by himself to do this.. It's so funny to watch him go tearing across the yard & jumping in the air trying to pop them. Great exercise too! Just a fun thing to share:p
  2. You can buy bubbles at pet stores or petco or petsmart for animals, I buy the one for cats and it has a catnip scent to it and they go crazy for it. Havent tried bubbles with the puppy yet, she doesnt have the attention span quite yet!
  3. Cool, I didn't know that!
  4. One of my girls just looked at me like I was a total idiot for thinking they might entertain her. Seriously, she just sat there, looked at them, then stared at me for awhile.

    They scared my other dog, haha.

    But my parents' dog and my sister's dogs seem to think they're fun.
  5. Yep, I recommend the peanut butter flavored one. There's some bacon flavored one and it's a little stinky. ;) My dogs love them. They jump, bark and chase them around! :heart:
  6. My neighbors' German Shepherd is INSANE for bubbles! He runs and leaps five feet in the air trying to catch them. If he doesn't get his "fix" at least once a day, he will whine and sulk until they take him outside, and he knows what "the B word" means. Our Shih Tzu likes them occassionally, but nothing like his obsession!
  7. I will have to give this a try!
  8. I play/blow bubbles with my cats
  9. Dude the cat waits for me to take a bath, so I can blow bubbles at him!!
  10. Yes! Our dogs (& kids) LOVE bubbles! :p
  11. wow I had no idea that you could buy bubbles specifically for pets! That's awesome!!