Anyone else planning to get the Neo Cabby this weekend?

  1. Just to make sure of the release date I called 866-VUITTON today to confirm it's set for release in US on 07/14.:yahoo: I can't wait to see it IRL and I hope I like it. I'm also considering an accessory to go along with my new bag, either the Sprouse Red Leopard print scarf or a inclusion keychain.
  2. OH YEAH....My SA called..I got both BAGS!!!LMAO!
    Blue and black......I pick them up SAT AM!..but I may go sneak a peak tomorrow!LOL!I cant stand having to wait for their release dates..SNIFF!!!!!
  3. Jill congrats on getting both! Which size are you getting? Please post pics as soon as you get them. I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to make it to LV on Saturday but I should have mine by Sunday.
  4. Jill you must post pics.
  5. wait wait, what is this neo cabby?! i want to see pics!! :graucho:
  6. does anyone have pic's of the bag?
  7. Nice, remember to post pics!
  8. I'm getting it in black!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
  9. I hope to see it IRL on Sat (day after my bday, hopefully I can go bday shopping!) but I wonder if my boutique will even get it?
  10. I'm supposed to get a call about the GM size in black but I would love to see everyone's pics.
  11. I'm paying for my bag tomorrow hopefully I can persuade the SA to let me take it home!
  12. My SA called today and my bag is in! =) I got the black MM. It's being sent out Sat! I can't wait.
  13. I Likey!!!!!