anyone else own this bag? thoughts?

  1. Miu Miu Napa Spring Bag - Classic Handbags - Neiman Marcus

    i just got this bag and love it! it can be worn cross body or handheld as a satchel...the leather is TDF!!!! before i start to use it do any of you have this particular bag and what do you think of it? how does it wear? this is my first miu miu and any advice/opinions would be great!
  2. I don't own it, but wow I love it. I want one in black.
  3. That price tag rocks, that's for sure!
  4. Hi I have a similar style only mine is a bit squarer and taller its is the new brown with burgandy undertones I love it
    It has lots of room and the leather is excellent quality
  5. the leather feels amazing on it! is it very durable?
  6. This goes to prove that Prada CAN make beautiful bags under 1K. We should all boycott Prada and not buy any more of their products until they drop the prices...........OK, maybe not! :roflmfao:
  7. i've owned quite a few pradas, this is my first miu it considered "inferior" to prada? like mbymj or michael by michael kors? even though it's under 1K, for almost 900 this bag shouldn't be a "wannabe!!!"
  8. Absolutely NOT inferior! I identical to Prada in quality and materials. It's the "younger" line of Prada, but definitely in the same league. :yes:
  9. Songofthesea, this is a wonderful bag! I have bought one in black patent leather, but I've seen the napa one in the boutique as well which looks amazing! Congrats on a great purchase! I have to agree as well that the price level of Miu Miu is much more value for money than that of Prada! I do love Prada a lot, however, to be honest, it is really one of the most over-priced luxury brand...
  10. HI hopefully someone can answer me. I'm planning to get the bag above Miu Miu Napal Spring (Medium) from Neiman Marcus. I wasn't sure if it could be worn as cross-body (messenger)...? Thanks!
  11. The bag is cute and has a even cuter price.
  12. Nice bag, and the price is very fair!
  13. I'll chime in--don't have it, but it's a great-looking bag!
  14. Is this bag available anywhere?