Anyone else out there have the Bugaboo stroller?

  1. Anyone have the bugaboo stroller? I bought one. I got the Chameleon. Hm, some days I really like it and some days I hate that I have to take the seat out to fold it. Yea, it takes a second to do it but still. Also, it doesnt seem to have much of a seat area. If your child has a big tush, he'll be thrown out of the chair. A friend of mine has an 18 month old who hardly fit because he is a little on the heavy side.

    Please chime in about your experiences with Bugaboo.

    I like the looks of the Bugaboo bee that is coming out in September. It seems more compact. I may pre order it.
  2. I'm looking into buying the bugaboo..I'm not sure if it's totally worth it. I have a 3 year old right now and i am pregnant..So i'm not sure if i should buy the bugaboo chameleon..Or the Bee..Also has anyone heard anything about the Quinny?? Also does anyone know if the bee will have a bassinet with it?? I love the looks of the Chameleon and everything it does..
  3. I have the chameleon and I hated taking it apart in the beginning. When my son was a newborn, we used the bassinet. Pain in the butt because it took a lot of room but wanted to get the most use out of it. Plus it was so cute. Since he's gotten bigger, and I mean bigger, he loves this stroller. He's 8 months and fits in 18 month clothes so that gives ya an idea of how big he is. I've gotten use to taking it apart and have gotten pretty fast at it. I like how the handle bars can be moved from either side for when I need to put him in his carseat. Makes it easier to go between cars. Size of it isn't an issue since we own an Odyssey. But I've grown to love this stroller. Plus I like how I can change the color of the fabric. He has it in denim, blue and red.
  4. I saw the Quinney when it first came out. Unfortunately it wasn't before my son was born. It's really cool. So easy to fold and unfold. The salesperson was showing how she can simply use her foot and it unfolded. I think the bassinet and stuff need to be purchased seperately as opposed to the bugaboo. Would've bought this stroller if it came out earlier tho.
  5. Yeah i saw it today at the store and love the way it looks.
    But i love how the Bugaboo can be used as a highchair.. I like how it doesn't take a lot of time to fold it up..I still have time before the baby comes so i guess i will have to see if there is any reviews on both of them..
  6. we bought the bugaboo chameleon because we travel alot. it's awsome as the baby can just sleep in the bassinet when travelling... also great in snow... great for walking long distances. stears like a dream with one hand...

    down side: miserable to pack into its travel case, takes up alot of cargo room in car, is difficult to collapse - impossible to do so with one hand... normally we live in l.a. and when we do alot of driving/in and out of the car we use a maclaren... the bugabboo can't be beat for long walks however

    i just had my second child and i bought a boogie board for my daughter so she can hitch a ride with her brother - she loves it
  7. I'm not much of a fan of the bugaboo...I think that there are many more prams & strollers out there that are much more efficient, cheaper, and easier to use than the Bugaboo. They do look stylish, but they just don't work for me.

    The pram that I have has a bassinet that can be tilted up for the baby not to be always lying flat and when the baby is older, the bassinet can be taken out and there is a child-seat under it that can also be adjusted to lie flat. Our also has a storage area underneath and a small basket/baggy thing that can be attached to the handles if needed.
  8. I love the Bugaboo and my DH despises it for the poor design in having to take it apart in 2 pieces. Aside from having to put it together each time, I love it because it is so durable. I find that it is a very well constructed stroller and that's the price you pay for quality. I use it when we're eating at a restaurant or when I'm shopping. It's stored in my vehicle. I like how it has shocks on the wheels and has interchangeable colorful fabrics.
    I use the Maclaren Techno XT when I'm with my DH. It's usually stored in his vehicle. We use it for extensive travelling (airports, beaches, trains) since it is a light stroller.
  9. I don't have a Bugaboo, but I do have a BOB Revolution stroller that I LOVE! It has an infant car seat adaptor for babies. My son is 20 months old and we both love this. We love taking this out because we can go over grass, rough surfaces, take it hiking. He's extremely comfortable in it and definitely has many more years with this.

    It has a swivel front wheel that can be locked or unlocked. 16" back wheels and a shock system for a smooth ride. It's like the mountain bike of strollers! People stare at it everywhere we go. It folds up, too. I have taken my son to the airport with this by myself. We have three friends who bought this (and love it) after taking ours out "for a ride."
  10. We have a bugaboo cameleon and i think it's a good stroller. Dont know how my baby is going to like it or how well he is going to fit into it but it's pretty light. Although it's bulky but I heard baby sleeps really well in there and it's perfect for long stroll. I suggest getting a lighter stroller for everyday use tho.
  11. I have a Cameleon and I LOVE it. I'm fortunate in that I drive an Excursion, so I don't have to take it apart when I place it in the truck, although it isn't that difficult to take apart. My daughter wasn't a big fan of the bassinet attachment, but the infant car seat adapters for the Peg Perego car seat came in very handy!!!!!

    Both my husband and I LOVE the Bugaboo. You just can't beat that suspension.

    We also have:
    -Maclaren Quest stroller - comes in very handy when traveling or when going to a restaurant b/c it collapses easily
    -Peg Perego Venezia stroller - we gave it to my mom because we never used it since it didn't compare to the Cameleon