Anyone Else Out There 30+ and Single?

  1. I'm just wondering because it seems that EVERYBODY I know and meet is in a relationship, married or just dating.

    I'm going to be 31 this summer and I am a single gal. It just seems to me that I am the last single 30 something on earth! ALL my friends and colleagues are married or in serious relationships, its hard to go out sometimes because I am the only single one and sometimes I feel out of place, OR they have to go home early to meet their spouse. I also find that single men now are always too young (early or mid 20's) or too old (late 40's and 50's) and I'm starting to get pretty bitter and fed up.

    Anyone else out there in this position? Tell me I'm not the only one left!:sad:
  2. You're not the only one! I'll be 32 this summer. There are days when I think I'll be single forever. Sometimes it scares me and sometimes I find it liberating. I get fed up and bitter too.

    The one thing I notice is that my married/paired up friends have a tendency to "pity me" or leave me out. I think they like the idea of being married as an exclusive club of some sorts... Although there are benefits in being married, I think they should still acknowledge and respect that there are benefits to being single that they miss out on by being married.
  3. That really sucks. :hrmm:

    It makes me think of that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie says, "Charlotte treated marriage like a sorority she was desperately hoping to rush."
  4. OMG Thats terrible! If my freinds pity me, they are not open about it in front of me. I do think they forget though how much it sucks being single sometimes. They think its so easy to meet people and dont understand why I havnt yet. Amazing how quickly we forget!

    I think the only benefit to being single is working with your own schedule, not having to answer to anyone or seek someone else's approval to do something. Other than that, not too many pluses to being a single 30something.
  5. I'm over 30 and single. It doesn't bother me at all. Except maybe that almost all my friends have coupled up and become homebodies so I don't hang out with them much. Oh, and I hate the thing couples do when they have to "save" a movie for their when my friends say they can't go see this or that movie with me as a one-on-one activity because they need to go with their SO, and I don't get to see my #1 choice because of this rule. Oh well.
  6. I am single and over 30 but I have a lot of married friends (with kids and without) who still really like to go out so I am lucky. I also have a lot of single guy friends who I hang out with. I have also learned that being married is not perfect either -- I have a lot of friends who are happily married but a lot who are unhappily married too.

    My married friends do not seem to pity me at all. They envy certain things I can do (as I do them) and they like hearing all my dating and traveling stories.
  7. I'm almost 35 and single. I hate it, never imagined that things would turn out this way. If definitely seems like ALL of my friends are paired up and a lot are now having kids too. I feel completely left out.

    I feel like single girls get left out of a lot of things. Couples seem to want to befriend other couples so that they can all do things together. It's especially depressing when it comes time to plan something like a nice dinner out or a vacation. You have to muster up some random date or friend rather than just knowing you have someone there for you.

    Of course, financially, being single is a disaster as well. Most of my friends make little to no more money than I do -- in fact some make no money at all and simply stay home -- yet their stardards of living are SOOO much higher because their incomes are augmented by their husbands' saleries...which always tend to be several times higher than theirs.

    So, sorry to sound negative in this post...but I am definitely at the point of feeling bitter and depressed about it. Cynical too, as I've met and dated loads of guys....but never found one to keep. Why should I think that things will be any different in the future?
  8. MandM its sad that you feel this way, but sadly I can relate as I dont realistically see myslef meeting anyone iether!

    I hear ya about the financial issues. I am moving into a new condo in 2 weeks and it really would be a breeze to manage if 2 people were paying for the mortgage. Unfortunately, I have a high standard of living, probably more that I should

    I hate to say it, but I am glad I'm not alone
  9. I just wanted to chime in here, even though I am married. I completely understand and relate to what everybody is saying here. I was almost 31 when I met my husband. I really think that I had it the best (for me) the way things turned out. I am not saying people who got married younger/earlier didn't have the best. For me I think I was meant to meet my husband and get married relatively late. I got to grow up on my own - I do think there is a difference between growing up on your own, and growing up with someone else; I got to do a lot of things and make decisions before meeting DH so I knew who I was and what I wanted when I met him. We've had a great marriage and we enjoy being together, and doing things separately as well.

    The only regret/wish I have is that we women didn't have to deal with 'advanced maternal age'. Sometimes I wish we had met in our late 20s instead and we would have had the same fun and not to worry/struggle with getting pregnant in our mid 30s. But don't let me scare you gals, everybody is different, don't let the fear of getting old get in your way of finding the one, and no matter what you do/fear, do not settle. I am glad I didn't. And, enjoy your time alone.
  10. i am in my end thirties and single again. i just gor divorced and i really felt left alone after that . there was just the person missing i spent so many yeras with but hey that is life i just can´t to anything against it it is a fact. but it is also a fact that out there are a lot of other gorgeous men just waiting for me :lol: at this very moment i learned to deal with my situation and try to make the best out of it and beeing single is not that bad after all it is just a new experience for me and i will try to make the best out of it ;)
  11. Hey, there ... cheer up!

    My husband and I didn't even meet until we were 37 and even then, due to work schedules and lifestyle choices, didn't see much of each other for a few years. We didn't decide to take the plunge until we were 40.

    Now, having put our Wild Ways behind us, we couldn't be happier. In hindsight, I do believe there is someone out there for everyone. It may take some time to find them, and it may just take the right mindset. If you want to be married you will be ... when you are good and ready to be!
  12. I just want to comment, even though I'm not 30 nor single. My aunt didn't find her soulmate until she's 48 years old. She didn't think she would ever get married, especially after her young nieces and nephews started getting married and having families. I remember her telling me how she had accepted the fact that she would die not knowing what it's like to be someone's wife :sad:. But then, she met my *now* uncle. They got married 6 months later and they have been happily married ever since :biggrin:
  13. I am 36 (will be 37 in October) single and no prospects. My sister is getting married in November and as happy as I am for her I am starting to become seriously depressed. She e-mailed me her engagement pictures on Friday and I couldn't stop crying. It doesn't help that all my friends are married and have children. Sometimes I enjoy being alone, especially when I travel, but most of the time I am just lonely. This is not how I pictured my life being.
  14. 50.
    Not too miserable about it.
  15. I'm so glad this post is up. I am now the last of my friends to be single..I do have a boyfriend but he says he is not ready to get married and wont be for a while. (due to a complicated visa sitch this basically means we can't be together without a wedding) Last week his last "single" friend announced their engagement and it was all I could do not to cry. Last year I went to 5 weddings.