Anyone else on a dial-up connection?

  1. My parents have taken me in like the stray I am since my lease is up and I haven't moved to Chicago yet.

    They have a 45.2K dial-up connection. Ha, I didn't even know those existed anymore! I can eat a whole Klondike bar (mmm!) by the time Purse Forum loads! LOL

    Anyone else on a dial-up? I am weeping quietly over having lost my DSL.
  2. awwww, gross. dialup. i thought that only existed in rural places anymore!

    go back to the dsl, hun, i miss you on aim!
  3. My mom had dial up for the longest time, and only just switched to DSL. Now she can see the pics I email her. Do you have a laptop? You could always go to Starbucks or the like.
  4. OMG, YES! :throwup: Drives me crazy, but since we get free dial-up thru our work accounts, DH has never wanted to buck up for DSL or cable (even though I pay the utilities!!) I tell him I'd spend more time with him if it didn't take me so long to surf the net but he's not convinced... I know I'd be a lot more places on this forum if it didn't take so freaking long!

    So I feel your pain.... hang in there!!! :flowers:
  5. i was before, now i'm changing to DSL.
    dial up is killing me!
  6. Hey!!! Bright House Offers Road Runner Lite!

    For Only 15 Bucks A Month!!!

    Its Fast And Cheap!!!
  7. Oh wow, I had no idea those were still out there!!
  8. Hopefully I will be able to find cheap internet service in Chicago that's not dial-up. To be frank, I have nooooo clue how much an average internet connection runs.
  9. We pay $79/month for high-speed cable with a static IP address (my husband has his own web server)

    When we had regular cable without the static IP address, it was about $53/month

    DSL was pretty comparable to the second one.
  10. Omg, u guys should REALLy call around and ask for quotes.

    Thats what i did. i was paying atleast 60-70 monthly and got fed up witht he high prices.

    The Road Runner Lite is still CABLE. It's not even that slow!!! WAY FASTER THAN DSL and Dial up.

    I am completely satisfied with the 15 bucks a month. I have 2 computers hooked up together on it.
  11. Rates are reasonable...just consider how much your time is worth.
  12. OMG..Im laughing so hard cuz our DSL isnt working today..problem with it lately..AND im FORCED to use dial up..its like having a bad root canal..IM in AGONY!!!ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say a prayer..they are coming out Saturday when I get back from the beach fix it..ARGH.....
  13. Lol. I seriously am always shocked when I hear of people still having to use dial up! I think it is even hard to buy a computer that comes equipt with a dial up modem now a days. But, sorry :sad: I guess the good thing is you only have a little while to put up with it though until you move.
  14. My parents were on dial-up until a few weeks ago.:Push:
  15. DSL is only 17.99 a month from Verizon. I wish I could get it in my condo, but they don't have any available spaces right now. So I had no choice, but to get Comcast internet services which are a whopping 45 dollars a month. I'm hoping that a slot will become available with Verizon soon.