Anyone else obessed with Potbellys subs?

  1. I just can't get enough of that place, they have the BEST subs!! Is it just me or is it addicting or what - puts Quiznos, Subway and other sub places to shame!!!
  2. We have one across the street from our dance studio, but I've never been there. What do you recommend? Maybe I'll give it a try. Is it healthy?
  3. POTBELLY!!!!! I love that place. My favorite is a Wreck on wheat, skinny (less bread) with EVERYTHING! They have wonderful soup too. I like the veggie soup. Like Subway, you can configure your sandwich so that it's healthier. Like order a turkey, no cheese, no mayo/oil, on wheat, skinny.
  4. I love their subs too but then again I love all kinds of subs from Jimmy Johns, Erberts and Gerberts, or Milios:p
  5. Actually....I'm hooked on Jimmy Johns subs...the absolute BEST HOGGIE BREAD I've ever tasted! The Veggie sub is to die FOR...:yes:
  6. Potbelly's is great--love the subs, and the smoothies
  7. OMG i loveeeeeeeeeeee jimmy johns..the veggie sub mmmmmmm
  8. ohyum!! I had them all the time when I lived in D.C.!! I haven't seen any in AZ though..
  9. I love potbelly- best turkey sanwhiches ever! and the oreo milkshakes are to die for.
  10. BEST SUBS EVER! Every time I transfer trains at State & Lake, I just gotta make a Potbelly's run! Yum...
  11. I actually hate most of the other sub places - Subway, Jimmy Johns, Quiznos - like hate with a passion. But my family finally convinced me to try Potbellys after it had been open a couple years near my house. And now I adore Potbellys! I crave Potbellys! And I dont even get anything interesting, just a cold turkey with a Sheilas Dreambar. There was a period of a few weeks where I went so often at lunch that the ones nearest me at work downtown they started asking me when it was time to order if it was just the "usual." I knew at that moment I had a problem and I have since cut back... or at least I now rotate between the three nearest me in the Loop.
  12. YUM!!! I LOVE POTBELLY'S! I usually get the meatball sub...:drool: I don't get it anymore coz they don't have Potbelly's where I live now...moved out of Chicago a year ago :sad:.