Anyone else notice zipper pulls on wallets aren't as thick & heavy as they used to be

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  1. Was looking at compact zip wallet, and the zippered coin wallet, and I though the zippers felt flimsy. They also tapered to one end, where as before I'm pretty sure they were the same thickness from one end to another.
  2. When I was younger, I always liked feeling the weight of a LV zipper on my finger.. It had definite weight to it and it was one of the ways that I could determine authenticity. I remember the zipper pull on my mom's wallet was very, very hefty. I definitely feel that it's gotten more flimsy in recent years. It doesn't feel heavy anymore to me.
  3. yes
  4. Absolutely, as the above poster said, older Lv hardware/ zips had more weight to them. My mothers vintage wallet has held up wonderfully in terms of glazing, hardware and canvas and the zip is definitely heavier.
  5. They definitely seem more like apparel zippers than the chunkier and more substantial hardware they'd been using up to about a decade ago. Some bags / SLG's are worse than others in this regard, but I agree that it's disappointing to compare the current hardware quality to what it used to be :sad:
  6. Thats really sad to hear. For the $$ we pay, it should be better quality.
  7. For the price increase it should be way much better quality.
  8. I totally agree