Anyone else notice this new Epi piece?

  1. Cute!
  2. No, I've never seen this one before. It's really cute!
  3. it's also available in mono!
  4. super cute.. iwll have to check this out
  5. No..haven't noticed the cute little fellow before...thanks for putting this up...
  6. Cute!!! :nuts:
  7. Cute.
  8. Ooh, I hadn't noticed a mono one....gonna have to check that out!
  9. i was in the LV at macy herald square last week and that lil guy was in a case and i said to the SA "ooooo....thats it new?" and she had NOTHING to say about. didnt know anything. i love it :love: cute!
  10. it's so cute! I hate the silver hardware though
  11. I like it too...I want it in red
  12. Wow, it's small. It's like a wallet: change, cc, etc.
  13. very cute...
  14. Oh it's really cute!