Anyone else notice the Ring in the newer Catalogs?

  1. I did!!!! and I looked and looked cause I SWORE it said coach and matched my Gold on Gold 1/4 bangle but couldn't find it mentioned. We'll I was sitting in traffic today at flipping through one of my catalogs and found it! It comes out in September and it is only $48!!! Thats cheaper than a keychain:tup:

    So excited to get it. Has anyone else been able to order "September" stuff yet?
  2. I know I ordered some August stuff, but I don't think I ordered any September. Try calling or going in and give it a shot. Then please let us know! :smile:
  3. I will try to order it tomorrow on my lunch break. Worse comes to worse it would just be a pre-order right, they would just hold it until it is released then send it to me?
  4. ^I'm really not sure. I've never pre-ordered anything from Coach.

    I guess we'll find out! :smile:
  5. I just called my store and they had no idea they were coming out with a ring :p

    He tried to order it but they don't have any in Jax yet either. He put it in the system to contact me if they get any in, but considering I need my size I am just going to go check in on a weekly basis until they can order it. He said they should be able to order it before September release!:yahoo:
  6. My SA has me in the computer to pop up this week I think, to check again about ordering it. This is the first thing I saw when I looked at the catalog and absolutely fell in love with it. :love: I am going to own this...
  7. I'm going to be in so much trouble when all of this new jewelry comes out :rolleyes: I love that ring, BTW! It will be mine!!
  8. I think the ring will be really popular as it is affordable and CUTE! If anyone is able to start ordering please let us know!
  9. Hmmm, I'll have to check out my catalog tonite and see this ring. I already plan on buying the Daphne (I think that's the name) charm bracalet so I'm sure this would look lovely with her.
  10. I def saw the ring, it's soo cute. I'm not really into coach jewelry but I think I want to get this!!
  11. From what I remember of sprinkles' report a few months ago, none of the rings will be made big enough for me. :sad:
  12. I never received the new catalog :sad: Does anyone have a pic. of this ring? TIA :flowers:
  13. I want one also. The catalog says that it will come in sizes 6-8.
  14. I wonder if you got a sterling silver band you could get it sized!

  15. pretty pretty please could somebody plaese post a pix:flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers: