anyone else notice something about

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  1. Last night I was looking at some fall/winter handbags on and now they are not there anymore, its like they dissapeared!

    you know what that means?!?!?!

    almost sale time at

    they did this last time aswell, removed some of the bags that are going to ne on sale and will have a seperate sale gategory come 12/5

    are you excited?
  2. I am! I want a get a wallet but I don't think I liked their cruise or winter collections as much as I like the summer collection. I guess I'll see what's on sale.
  3. so are the bags they removed the ones that will be on sale? can't wait, almost time.
  4. I was at the Gucci store here in my city and was told the sale starts tomorrow. Maybe that's the same for online as well??
  5. the online sale starts the night before... around midnight, so technically it will be the 5th of 12/06

  6. ...the 5th of 12/06???
  7. I don't see any sale items :confused1: Is there a special code or something?
  8. no the sale category isnt up yet.

    and I meant 12/06 as in december 2006.

    the items should be up within the next few hours, like always.
  9. Can't wait to check it out!I hope they'll have the pelhams on sale.
  10. the suspense is killing me....
  11. sales is up on ...the items online are about the same as the boutiques .......did anyone get anything?
  12. I wanna get bonton slides and princy heel.. But im going to Sing in 7 days, anyone knows if they are much cheaper in Sing? Please help..Thanks
  13. how long does sale last? i am hoping they add more bags to the sale because this is a pretty boring selection.
  14. The sale is not good at all. Very sad!
  15. I agree. Only a smaller version of something I wanted is on sale.