Anyone Else Notice SJP's Bag in Failure to Launch?

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  1. I love the turquoise Ferragamo at the end of the movie!! Anyone else notice it?
  2. I haven't watched the movie. Was it any good?
  3. It was cute, not going to win an Oscar, but entertaining. I love SJP's room mate.
  4. Of course I noticed! Love that ferragamo!
    The movie was cute! I love Matthew McConaughey!
  5. Alot of great reasons to see it :love:
  6. I know - it was surprisingly entertaining and funny!
  7. i haven't seen it, but i saw the bag in an add - beautiful color!
  8. Cute movie, cute bag, cute guy (Matthew). :biggrin:
  9. yes! i noticed that bag and didnt know what it was! lovely...
  10. someone one purseforum just bought that in the yellow ostrich...i forgot who thoe....
  11. its really pretty
  12. The bag's beautiful.
  13. I have it!!!
  14. Is that a current bag or from a prior season?
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