Anyone Else Notice How Huge New Coach Bags Are?

  1. Is it just me, or does it feel like some of these bags are just ginormous?

    I will admit it--I've long been addicted to big bags but I'm finding that I tire of always schlepping 478 things including my MacGyver 'break out of a island jail' kit each time I go to the grocery store!:p

    I was hoping some of the bleeker duffles would be a bit smaller. They seem like they'd be a lot of bag to wear, but I love the style and new colors.

    Coach seems to be making larger bags, which I know is popular right now, but I find myself wanting to buck this trend (not to mention keep my back from going out!)...

    Anyone else hoping for some smaller, more 'medium' style Coach bags?
  2. Yes, they do seem to be "supersizing" their purses lately. I am sure the trend will go the other direction again soon. I think someone posted on this subject before but Oprah has this on the cover of "O" for October.....

    Is Your Handbag Killing You?
    Oversized bags are fabulous, but not so great on your back, shoulders and neck. How to shop strategically, carry safely and still look enormously chic.

  3. I'm finding myself really attached to my legacy swingpack and my ali slim flap these days.....

    Of course, that means I won't be able to hotwire a car to get away from bad guys by using extra coat hangers, duct tape and a soldering iron since they won't all fit in my smaller bags, but I think I'll get by.....
  5. I'm actually in my glory because I love big bags!!! I'm tall so I just feel like small bags don't look right on me...
  6. ...and the bad thing about that is??

    no seriously...funny thing is that i don't think these bags are all that big...maybe the XLs are large, but really i don't think my duffle is carly is a much better size. the duffles are more long than wide, i guess.

    i really don't think that these bags are larger than any other collection...there are always multiple sizes of most bags, so IMO, i think that nothing is really different than before.
  7. There's nothing wrong with large bags--I love them, too, and just brought home a whiskey gigi, so I really like them, but it seems as though there are fewer and fewer medium sized handbags to choose from. Maybe it's just me... I suppose after carrying stuff for three small children for so long, I want to scale down a bit to where I don't have to carry a bag that would make my chiropractor squeal with glee! :yahoo:

    They're gorgeous; I just hoped there would be more mid-sized bags. When I try the 'try this bag on' scaler on the Coach website, these puppies looks gigantic!
  8. I prefer larger bags. Coach still seems to carry smaller versions in each line. The carly has several sizes, the gallery totes, hamptons carryalls....etc The good news for you is if you like the smaller sizes they tend to cost less!
  9. ^^^^^I was wondering about that scaler too. I actually don't think it is too accurate. It seems like it makes the bags seem much bigger than they really are.
  10. I'm with ya on the mid-size bags! MORE PLEASE!!!! There are SO MANY styles I absolutely love...i.e.. GiGi, Leigh, Mandy and the new Bleecker Elisa BUT would never buy because they are WAY too big for me. WHAT is everyone putting in these GIGANTIC bags??? I carry...sunnies, tylenol, a pen, wallet, keys, lipstick, compact, gum, small hand sanitizer, small phone. LOL.... I just don't get it? I must be doing something wrong...:weird:
  11. I looked at the new bleeker collection today and there are a few small-medium size bags
  12. I'm all for bigger bags...heck I carried smaller bags for so long when I got my LV Speedy 25 I thought THAT was a big bag, LOL. Yes, my perspective has changed a ton thankfully to tFP insight.

    As long as they're not super super huge most bags won't get dated, IMO.
  13. I'm thrilled that large bags are in right now. I can't get by with the little ones anymore. Coach still offers a number of small pouches, hobos and swingpacks in most of their lines.
  14. You keep forgetting to pack your '512 ways to entertain a toddler while at the doctor's office' (I've done this MANY times), your 'break out of an underground secret jail kit' and extra running shoes to keep up with your toddler at the grocery store.

    Come to think of it, I'd better pull out my big bags again......:graucho:
  15. Maybe I'm just now noticing this trend because it's the first time I've really started looking at smaller bags. When I look at my handbags, I realize that they're all mostly large bags--two alis, gigi, large vintage ergo hobo, etc. I guess I shouldn't complain since I seem to keep buying them!