Anyone else notice about white handbags?

  1. I have noticed many many white handbags listed on eBay. Anyone else?
    I wonder if sellers are trying to unload their summer bag to make room for something for fall, or sellers are listing white for winter, or are these clearence items from shops.
  2. All of the reasons you gave are possibilities, I think.
    White bags have been REALLY popular through the spring and summer, and of course some retailers were "stuck" with extra stock so they went on sale--which means eBay sellers probably bought them, and are now trying to sell them.
    I personally don't have a white bag that I carry during the fall or winter months, but that doesn't mean there aren't white bags I *would* carry when it's cold out. Just depends on the style of the bag, what it's made of, and of course what I'm wearing.
  3. Am I correct that even though it is approaching winter in the USA it is approaching summer in Australia??? The sellers could be targeting these buyers?????
  4. I think that it has to do a lot with what people have gotten on sale in hopes to making a profit on eBay.
  5. yes I too have noticed a lot of white bags...I assume because white has been hot and also people are unloading because they find they don't use it a lot. When I went through my closet looking for bags to unload white was the first one I considered...though I ended up keeping it.
  6. one of my fave bags is white and i will probably wear it this winter too... but yeah, people just clearing out for wintry stuff..maybe.