Anyone else notice a price hike for pre-owned Chanel chocolate bar & east west handbags?

Sep 26, 2020
I've been watching these lovely Vintage bags for well over 2 years. I search all manner of reselling sites, as I can't afford the new Chanel bags (and don't really like the newer styles anyway and also, I feel good about buying Vintage because it's mostly only the newer style bags that you see knocked off everywhere so it's a lower risk for a buyer.) ...Anyway, anyone else notice that within the last year, these bags have LITERALLY doubled in price? I mean, just a year ago you could find these bags for <$1000. Now? The good condition ones are going for between $2500 - $3000. Holy price increase, Batman! O_o!!! I thought the price increases were limited to the New Chanels, now it seems the pre-owned market is quickly following suit. Ayone else noticing this too or is it just me?

blue navy - Chanel Chocolate Bar Chanel Flap Bag - current retail 2600.00 on ebay - 7-10-20 (1...jpg
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Aug 28, 2018
yes - preloved prices are absolutely insane now. Finding a nice purse used to be tough - but doable - for under 2k. However now finding anything under 3K is nearly impossible unless you are willing to have many many flaws with the bag.
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Feb 7, 2009
Vancouver, BC
There's been a price hike for ALL vintage bags since earlier this year. It seems like a lot of people have gone the vintage route (myself included, I picked up a medium Diana this June), especially since the prices have gone up nonstop and the existing vintage collectors have been pretty open about the better quality of vintage Chanel.

I had been wanting a beige clair vintage ML for a while and I remember they used to all be below 2K, but now you can find them for around 4-5K, which is insane considering I bought my jumbo 3 years ago for less than 5K brand new (through my personal shopper).
Sep 26, 2020
There is currently a bag of this style on Ebay right now that looks like someone ran over it with their car...and they want $1800. (LOL!) I mean, I can rehab a bag somewhat, but cleaning/repairing this bag would be more $ than it's worth.
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Feb 23, 2011
I noticed that as well! The prices from last summer to this summer are insane. I am sure the prices will continue to increase as Chanel prices continue to go up!


Dec 12, 2020
I was hoping to get a few vintage pieces myself these few months but was waiting for the right ones, and the prices increased at least 1-2k for the classic pieces I was interested in. :sad:

Re: East West flap, I was quoted about 4k recently for a really beautiful biege caviar one, but I couldn't bring myself to pay for that.