Anyone Else Not LVOE Gold Miroir Heart?

  1. I truly can't believe it, but my Gold Miroir Heart arrived this afternoon and... what can I say? I don't love it. I'm not even sure I like it. Yeah, its shiny. And the shape is cute. But its not jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, arrestingly gorgeous (as I had hoped it would be.) As a matter of fact, my first thought was, "If I saw this on the street, I would think it was a fake." *ducking for cover*

    After all the hoopla last year over the Miroir bags and then again this past month over the release of the 2008 hearts, and finding out from another tpf thread late the other night that actually had these back in stock, I was SO excited and SO looking forward to being thrilled to pieces! Oh well...:sad:

    Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. I love mine!!!! If you're not in love, return it......I'm sure some gal will kill for it! LOL
  3. I wasn't really into the hearts that much but everyone here was so excited that it got me thinking. I went to the store saw them and didn't feel inspired so I left them. Its just a matter of preference.
  4. I was waitlisted for the gold heart and when I went to the store to pick it up, I have to admit, I wasn't bouncing off the table when I saw it, but I thought it was cute enough to get. Plus, I really wanted something in miroir. In the last few days though, it has definitely grown on me, and I'm glad that I got it.
  5. My gold heart went back in exchange for pomme.
  6. I hate when that happens. It's like the anticipation is so exciting, and it's a let down when you're not over the moon for something you thought you would love. I would give it a couple of days, and see how you feel. You should know by then "in your heart" :roflmfao:... no pun intended, whether you should keep it or return it.
  7. No I do not feel the same way, especially after having a "OMG! have teh beh carful with dis" perle vernis heart for ayear, the miroir is a relieve! I don't think it looks faker than vernis or miroir.
  8. I like the vernis pieces better.

    I had gotten the gold case and it's on eBay. I never really liked miroir pieces from the beginning.

    It just looks so plasticy.

    My bf thinks it looks like something that would comes from wal-mart.

    I wasn't too thrilled with them either.

    But everyone else seems to love them!

    I'd like a vernis one more.
  9. If you don't love it just return it! You'll find something else to love I'm sure.
  10. I'm still waiting to receive my gold one, I do think for the price that LV could have at least put a simple charm on it:tdown:, the vernis hearts have such pretty charms.
  11. Return it or sell it if you don't like it, I personally don't like the Miroir line too much. The Vernis pieces look better, imo.
  12. I saw the silver version today and held it... not impressed at all

    sorry people!

    the MC and Vernis are better :smile:
  13. I do prefer the vernis versions.. is there any chance you can exchange yours ?
  14. I have the pomme and the gold. Think the pomme is much pretty because the chain is more interesting and the charms, too bad they did not do that on the miroir line
  15. i too like vernis better than miroir (ain't it obvious from my sig, lol). i do have a miroir cosmetic case though, just cuz i think it would be great as a clutch, and a lot more functional than the heart, which is the same $$ but you cannot fit much into