Anyone Else NOT liking CRUISE?????

  1. I am just not feeling the cruise line... I mean I really dont like gg plus but damn could they put a little cariety or something into the bags? At least a patent bag or something bright geez
  2. Yeah I am with you on this. I am not a fan of the Cruise collection. It's a good thing I guess, lesser things to buy!
  3. Noegirl!! lol....we seem to like the same bags...I LOVE THIS BAG!! lol!!! (the lg boston)
  4. Noegirl!! lol....we seem to like the same bags...I LOVE THIS BAG!! lol!!!
  5. Sunshine! We definately have a very close liking for bags! Where do you live so we can swap :roflmfao:
  6. i totally agree with you NoeGirl.. the cruise line is just kinna blahhhhh :sleepy:
  7. Did I miss something? The rest of the cruise collection hasn't come out yet (only the early cruise arrivals) so I think it's a bit early to judge.
  8. yeah, you're right gucciabbey... the early arrivals are just a sneak peak. Can't wait to see what else they have coming out!! Man!!! i want the cell phone charm, but it's only sold online, and the expected arrival date could be as late as spring, it's soooooo cute.
  9. Gucciabbey you are right but I am judging because I am not AT ALL excited about the cruise line based on what I have seen. I mean IMO if the sneek peak would have some variety maybe I would have some excitement towards seeing the rest.

    Maybe I will end up eating my words but until now "I" am not impressed
    and I don't really like it a lot. there are a few ok bags like the queen, horsebit nail and the 'd gold'bags but nothing wawie :sad:
    don't find any wawie cruise shoes either :shrugs:
  11. Now the shoes WOW!!!!! I am gonna be sooo damn broke when it come to the shoes
  12. ^ Girl you dont even know the half of it... I am now up to wanting 3 bags 3 shoes and 1 wallet!!!! ALL FROM CRUISE LOL

    GUCCIABBEY you were right :p
  13. LOL! But I do agree the sneak peek didn't have much variety at all... I like almost every shoe, I love the silver GG fabric (much more subtle), I love the shiny gunmetal pelham, the joy boston is well-priced... Now if only I could afford all that stuff... :drool: