Anyone else not feeling the silver GH?

  1. I am just totally surprised, I am such a fan of gold GH and silver is NOT growing on me at all. Anyone else feeling this way too?
  2. I haven't seen it in person - have you seen it in person and not liked it?
  3. :yahoo:Hi you guys, I have the ocean with silver,
    I really love it.
    Daphne picked it out for me.:heart:
  4. nope, just in pics posted and I don't care for it at all
  5. For me, I prefer the gold GH. For silver, I like the regular hardware of the older season bbags.
  6. wasnt there another thread about this that some referred the SGH as "thimbles"???
  7. I'm not really a GH fan but I prefer the silver to the gold GH. I think silver GH looks really pretty with certain colors, like ocean and steele.
  8. I don't like GGH it's too bling and WAG for my liking. On the other hand, SGH is quite...well...rocky. I rather like that.
  9. I don't own any GH bags but like silver better and would consider it in an ocean, black, or steel bag. It seems less "blingy" to me, maybe a little more casual.
  10. I'm not a fan of any of the GH. Although I did see a lady with a truffle gold GH city -it was fake [sqaured bales], but i still thought the color combo looked fab IRL. It's not for "me", but on other's it looks good.
  11. It does look much better IRL than on pics. I've never been a fan of the GH but when I saw the GSH IRL with black, plomb, totamo and ocean I fell instantly for the black and GSH combo and had to add her to my collection.
    Pics don't do it justice and it's not as bling bling as the gold which was to much for me.
  12. i don't know how many times i've said this, but probably a lot. i can't really give GH or SGH a fair chance because they are simply too heavy for me to carry and just from that i can't even think about buying one.

    BUT. i do have an aqua GH hobo. i think that is the only style bag i can own in GH. it doesn't seem to weigh that much more than RH bags. i love the look of the sandstone work in GH but again, can't buy it. too heavy!

    however, i'm sure i will find another bag with SGH that i would love to have, but can't have it. i think it's all about the color combination with what hardware works best with which color.

    if only the GH weren't so heavy...
  13. I'm not feeling the silver or the gold GH, just too much hardware for my taste.
  14. Which hardware do y'all think will look best with the Jaune and Violet? SGH or GGH?
  15. I just saw some newer BBags with G and SGH and did not feel for them at all. Especially the SGH looks washed out for me. I really love BBags but I prefer the regular hardware, even better the shiny silver that the old Metallics and the Matelasse bags have. The combo which I liked less was Steel with SGH, overall the bag looked discolored and dull. And the texture on the GH just does not grow on me!!
    The funniest comment was made by a friend of mine who considers me the B-guru: she asked if the GH bags are authentic, I said yes, and she replied: "Oh, I thought they were a bad fake, like when you buy a fake Vuitton on the street and instead of a discreet logo it screams LOUIS VUITTON on a big shiny tag that takes half of the bag!" This comment made me really laugh :smile: