anyone else not 'feeling' speedy?

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  1. i bought a mono 25- and i want to love it, i do, but i'm just not. does anyone else feel this way about speedy? i feel like i should love it- :shrugs:
  2. Is it because it seems too small? I never actually liked the Speedy, and now I want an Azur 30!
  3. Give it a little time, let it get a little patina. I bet you will grow to love it. I know I did.
  4. Years ago, I could not see what the fascination was all about. Let me tell you those days are way over. If I could afford it, I'd be one of the girls with one in every color and size. I'm not one of those fortunates, but I love carrying my pride and joy now~!
  5. I don't have a speedy and I really don't have an interest in getting one. I know, I know...everyone says I'd change my mind in a heartbeat the moment I began using one. I do't like the fact that it's not structured enough (hate the sag) and I once had a similarly shaped Coach bag that despite having paid $300 & something for, I never ever used it because the shape didn't work for me. I'd thought it was pretty but could never really use it. I ended up giving it to my Mom. The Speedy reminds me too much of that bag. I like handbags, but the sag really, really doesn't appeal to me.

    Although, I must admit that if I had an opportunity to get a cerises speedy at a good price, I would cave. I'd also be inclined to consider a m/c Speedy because those seem more structured.
  6. You read my mind - My Spedy 30 was my LV bag (and freacked out big time when I've paid $300 for a bag :wtf:) so I feel like obligated to love it and guilty for not to :crybaby:

    I like the way it looks ( I feel very classy when I carry it), It helds a lot but It's just not appropriate for my life style. I take the train+bus to work so for me a hand handeld bag it's not a very good option.
    Maybe one day...
  7. yeah me too

    i never really like speedy althou its the most recommended bag

    i just think its not appropriate for work...being seen with a sagging bag seems unprofessional...i dun think i will lug a speedy to lunch or dinner date either ... its not dainty enough...*sigh*

    prob as a gym or shopping bag will be nice thou .. hehe..
  8. I am with you! Mono speedy 30 was my second LV (first LV was Ellipse PM). I ended up selling as I couldn't get used to it being so flimsy (is it a word?:nuts:) compared to Ellipse. I ended up getting rid of my other speedies as well (except for my epi 30) as 1. they are too common for my liking, 2. the shape is not really for me, 3. I rarely use them, 4. I am not a fan of handheld bags any more, 5. I like my bags more structured, etc. If you are not "feeling" it, def. reaplace it with the bag you will enjoy!!!
  9. I LOVE the speedy shape and the fact that it's hand held! I prefer handheld bags to shoulder bags. I have a damier speedy 25 and it fits quite a lot for such a small bag. If you don't like the sag, put a purseket in it, it will retain it's shape better and you can find things a lot easier. Make the bag work for you. I don't think you will regret it! :smile:
  10. the other thing to think of is the phase of your life you're in right now. You have a little one -- it's difficult to juggle a baby in one arm and a handheld bag in another. It's difficult to keep a hand on a toddler and a handheld bag in the other hand. The Speedy might not be the right bag for you right now, but perhaps it will be when your child gets a bit older :smile:
  11. I go back and forth on this. I was not a fan of the speedy at all until I started seeing the pictures of the lovely ladies on the forum carrying the speedy. Beautiful and classy! Then my dh mentions that he thought the speedy was very pretty and would suit me. He's an artist, so how can I doubt him?
    For now, I think my very first bag will be the Monogram Speey 25.
  12. Very true about hand helds not working well with babies or little kids. Now that my youngest is 5, I love my hand held speedy! It would not have worked for me a few years ago.
  13. No I don't really like the speedy. I bought one and sold it because I didn't like it. However now, I really want a mini lin speedy. So maybe it was just the mono.
  14. The only speedy I like is the denim. Maybe you would like an epi speedy. It doesn't sag.
  15. I don't like the Speedys at all (with the exception of the black MC, for some reason). The sag, the overall plainness of them...blah! :yucky: