Anyone else NOT carry your Chanel during the summer?

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  1. I don't. I carry 1 of two straw bags. Straw says summer-time to me. My Chanel bags say "fall and winter when fashion is fantastic" plus, their weight just seem better suited to winter. Last, my summer outfit is capris, t-shirts or cotton shifts. VERY casual and it seems an "insult" to my Chanel, lol. :p
  2. cjj -- I usually wear very casual outfits in the summer, and I like the way that my Chanel bags add some "heft" to my style! I like the contrast between a structured, rather formal bag like the GST paired with a super casual outfit.

    I think I will mix in other bags in the summer -- weirdly enough, I have the urge to buy a Vera Bradley bag! lol
  3. I'm carrying my new Bottega Veneta Tote. I love fabric bags in the summer. Also have an Etro and Tods bag. Etro bag is a great pool bag and I keep the Prada inside.


    My absolute fav summer bag is my Fendi Linda Sellaria. The most scrumptious, soft leather.
  4. i carry Chanel regardless of season..................(and have 4-5 that are not leather so they are total summer) but some higher power really must keep me away from the floral embroidered and handpainted floral Fendi Spys as well as the denim Spy :lecture: :
    it cannot be allowed to happen.....i cannot be allowed to even touch a floral or denim Spy in any it boutique, Saks, or NM...........'cause now i feel the disease is turning a corner and veering off.into a summer road that says "Fendi Lane:..........:sweatdrop:

    but still prefer the denim Coco Cabas to denim Spy..............
    always a Chanel girl :p
    and, if i keep this up, always a debtor's prison candidate girl...............:wlae:
  5. I love these two bags!! :heart: :heart:
  6. I carry my chanel tote year round. I like to switch up my bags every other week or so.
  7. I carry my Chanels year round.
  8. [​IMG]

    The color is absolutely gorgeous!
  9. I have many bags for summer as I love light and bright color and one of them that I will carry it in this coming summer is a Chanel baby cabas bag in white :smile:.

    I also have my Damier Azur Speedy, Pink Gucci tote, Pink Bottega Venetta, Longchamp flower printed tote, Moschino Polka dot bag, LV Antigua PM .... They are all waiting for summer time.
  10. Maxter Such Pretty Bags!!!:love:
  11. oh, it's summer here all the year round LOL
    if i don't use chanels at summer, i won't have a chance to use them at all :p
  12. I bought a great DB shoulder bag in navy with yellow accents last year. I can't wait for warm weather with all the yellow in season...
  13. I wear my Chanels all year long! The joys of living in CA =)

  14. Thanks everyone! I don't mean to hi-jack the thread with non-Chanel bags. But I love to see bags other Chanel members have so I thought I'd post.

    The Fendi bag is TDF IRL. Thanks for the compliments on the color. I put it next to the brown wall to show it off more!!
  15. Maxter, those are some BEAUTIFUL bags!!

    Intlset, I agree w/you about the structured bag w/the casual look and how it offsets, etc. I think MY issue is that ALL of my Chanels are black (and soon to be red). I can't get into a white bag (it was drilled into me that white bags, white hose and white shoes are no-no's by multiple family members who were ALWAYS dressed beautifully), so I just stick to straw. Straying from Chanel seems my only option.:wtf: