Anyone else not care for white bags?

  1. I just cannot do a white bag--I don't know why. For that matter, I can't do patent leather, either. It reminds me too much of those mary janes I had to wear in 2nd grade (remember those little white socks that you folded down & had lace around the edges?). My dislike of white might also be due to the fact that I have 2 little boys. Anyone else like this?
  2. I can relate to not liking white with two little boys around! But I've never been good with white. It seems like food, drinks, children and indeed the universe all conspire against me keeping anything white clean!

    I am OK with patent, although I still probably view it in a very dated way. It just feels very winter/holiday-ish to me, so it isn't terribly versatile in my wardrobe.
  3. I like white. It reminds me of summer.
  4. Just like white accessories, like a thick white leather watch band, I think for some reason white purses work wonders on a dark outfit and adds a little edge.

    I have decided in my own mind however that I will never again wear white sandals. They can look so cheezy!
  5. I'm not into white either. It looks nice on other people but I'm just into darker colors.
  6. It depends on the bag or accessory I think. I also think white reminds me of spring and summer as you can see from my handbag I am wearing now in my sig.....
  7. i am too scared of white
  8. I am iffy on pure white bags - I like ivory or a greyed white better. Bright white kinda flashes me back to moms at church in the sixties when i was a little girl. White bags, white shoes, pastel shifts.
  9. i just don't like white bags...maybe i'm not wired right...:dothewave:
  10. I'm not very into white bags either. I don't own any at the moment, but I was considering getting one a while ago. I didnt though, I'm scared that it will get dirty and ugly too soon, I guess.
  11. I think white looks great on other people but I don't 'do' white myself. For starters I'm v pale skinned and secondly i have 3 little boys running around- so I understand where you are coming from!!
  12. I don't like white handbags or white shoes/sandals. Not entirely sure why, just would never go and purchase them.
  13. I used to be all set against white shoes or bags - but last year something clicked. this year I bought a celine boogie in white (the ltd edition biker version) but that has been another eBay drama... (not received). so it seems that is not happening.

    as for shoes: yep, bought a pair of white, patent (haha) car shoe/loafer types, and love them!!!! don't know what happened.... reckon when my little boy will be into choc ice cream those days will be over again....
  14. me, i don't like white bags, or white pants. actually i don't like most whites :p
    i'm too clumsy for a white and i felt too "bright" in white LOL
  15. A no-no for clumsy me. For clothing? Yes. But i get my bags dirty easily. A sad but true fact.