Anyone else NEVER wear their hair up?

  1. I NEVER wear my hair up, ever. I wear it up around my house, yeah. But I never wear it up when I'm out of the house.

    I don't really like how it looks up, however I can hold it up a certain way and like it. I have trouble with styling it, but I also feel uncomfortable with it up because I always wear it down!

    Anyone else like this too? NEVER wearing your hair up? I mean it's been years for me...
  2. I only wear my hair up at the gym. I am not very good with making it look as polished as I would like up.
  3. Having long curly hair I've become a pro at wearing it up. Sometimes I just have to. It can be a horrific jungle sometimes. Like they say "neccessity is the mother of pony tails."
  4. LOL! I will quote that always. Pony tails and me.. we are the same.
  5. I never wear my hair up
  6. I, too, only wear my hair up at home or the gym. It's not really that long but I can get it in a ponytail...just choose not to.
  7. I only wear my hair up when I'm having a bad hair day!
  8. I only wear my hair up at home and in the gym, but never out in public at school or work or whatever.. I just dont like the way it looks
  9. I never wear my hair up. I have many reasons not to....

    *I have LOTS of ear piercings and it would kind of draw unwanted attention at my job-I'm a teacher (substitute teacher right now). So I try and avoid that extra attention.

    *I hate the way I look with it up. I think my forehead is huge and having it up just adds to it.

    *Plus my hair is so long, it goes past my a**, that I can't really do much to it myself.

    The only times I will wear it up are...
    ....when working out....sometimes going to bed....on vacation if I'm somewhere deathly hot....or if I'm staying around the house and it's bugging me.
  10. I don't - but I want to. Sooo easy.
  11. That's why I keep my hair long... so I can pull it up if I have to. Hot, humid days are the worst for my hair. I always pull it up then... and on a bad hair day too.
  12. I normally wear my hair down when I'm out of the house too. I don't think I look very good with my hair pulled back and up.
  13. I NEVER wear it down! My hair (currently waist level) is too long to wear down. It's always up in the home, outside etc. Hair naturally falls out and I dislike seeing my long hair on the floor etc. Also, if I left it loose my kids would always be tugging at it. Furthermore, if left loose my hair goes all bushy, messy and notty (dunno if that's a real word LOL).

    In my carefree days as a uni student I left it down but not anymore!
  14. I have not left the house with my hair up in 15 years. I just look so much better with it down, so I can't bring myself to do it. The whole thing is probably all in my head.:wacko:
  15. I wear my hair in a ponytail when I workout and sometimes when I shower if I don't want to wash it I twist it up with a scrunchie. Otherwise, unless it's really hot, I just wear it down. I have long straight hair so it really won't do much anyway.