Anyone else multi-tasking right now?

  1. I am

    1. On this blog
    2. Doing laundry/folding towels
    3. Cleaning my office
    4. watching the Dodgers (which just ended - they won!)
    5. washing dishes/cleaning kitchen

    what else are you doing right now while on the PF?
  2. I am petting my doggies, I just brought another rescue doxie home about 2 hours ago...
  3. I am eating Cheez-Its and watching a show on beavers. Animal Planet > all other channels.
  4. God bless you!!!!!!!!!! any photos yet? what a lucky pooch!

  5. mmmmm....cheeeeez itzzzz.....I feel like Homer Simpson. Learning anything new about beavers? They're pretty incredible little creatures...
  6. You're awesome, Irishgal. :heart:
  7. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! I seriously learn so much from Animal Planet. I force friends and family to listen to me regurgitate information. "So today on Animal Planet there was this show and did you know that..."

    I'm obnoxious like that!
  8. Good for you Irishgal!! that's great. :smile:

    I am watching Legally Blonde and playing fetch with my dog.
  9. I am also shooting the bull with Amanda on AIM and we're wondering how people make friends outside of school!
  10. i'm putting on my face (i.e. makeup :lol:) to go out later, singing along to my acappella group's CD, and going through this forum
  11. I am charging the camera right now...:yahoo:
  12. What else aren't I doing now, in addition to PFing?

    1. Laundry folding (too)
    2. Easy offing the oven (needs to sit) ain't all that easy either (and the fumes!)
    3. Giving diabetic cat his customary post-insulin shot tuna treat
    4. Fending off other cat (fat)
    5. Eating bites off a fluffernutter in between everything else
    6. Thawing pesto

    ...and my PHH just called...

    Edit: I forgot ...

    7. 'Watching' "MTV Day I" (on VH1 Classic :Push: ).

  13. oooh where are you going so we can live vicariously through you? (I gotta work tomorrow!)
  14. Yeah, they use that term "Easy" just a little too loosely. How does your cat take the shot? I have to give one of our mangabeys at work a small insulin injection when I work nights. Shes very good about it.
  15. me too.
    1. fold the laundry
    2. do another load of washing
    3. cook breaky
    4. wash the dog
    5. on this forum
    6.thaw meat for tonights dinner

    It's such a ongoing process, when will it end???????????