Anyone else make homemade breads from scratch?

  1. I am DYING to do this again. I LOVE good whole grain breads and was just rereading my favorite book and picked up a new one at B&N this weekend (giftcard for bday).

    I think what I've decided to do is to keep the bread machine and use that when I don't get to making bread by hand, and then using my fantastic mixer and my good old arms for bread normally. This way, no matter what, we should have home baked bread. It doesn't need to be one or the other, so no need to put that kind of pressure on myself! I got the breadmaker (normally $120 to $170) for $60, so even if I use it once a week, it will pay itself off VERY quickly.

    But... I want to hear of other home bread bakers and ask some questions and get some tips! I'm especially interested in whole grains!
  2. how in the world did you get a bread maker for $60?? I love fresh bread and would love to learn how to make bread from scratch. My Best Friend does this every once in a while, it is delicious!!!
  3. I do! I love my bread maker!!!

    My best discovery has been GLUTEN. I buy it at a farmers market and I add it to all-purpose flour for breads. You can also buy bread flour, which has a higher gluten content, but I find it gets a little out of hand trying to store all these different flours. Anyway, the gluten gives the bread that chewy, light, bubbly texture that homemade breads never seem to have. I usually add about one TBSP for each cup of flour.

    Also, making sure all the ingredients are lukewarm or at least room temp before adding them to the machine really helps. If you add cold milk for instance, the recipe will still work, but it will come out 100x better if the milk is warm because it helps the yeast to fully develop.

    Dry milk powder+water instead of milk also make for a really nice texture in whole wheat breads, although I'm not really sure why...
  4. I used a bread maker in the past and did whole wheat - using gluten and such (following the Breadman's bread maker recipes), but I didn't like the texture the machine gave the bread, so I stopped using it and eventually gave away the machine. Then, I was going to do it by hand, but I NEVER do it. So, during the post holidays sales, had a lightning deal for a Panasonic YD250 for $59.99 - free shipping. I just couldn't pass it up. it's one of the best rated bread makers and even if I hardly ever use it (if I actually do start making them by hand), it's worth the price I paid since now I spend FAR too much on bread each month!
  5. ^ I think Breadman may be what I have, but I've never used the recipes it comes with. I have a Better Homes and Gardens bread machine cookbook and I find recipes on the internet too.

    You got a great deal on your machine! I love those Amazon deals! I've been making a lot of dough lately-- for cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, pizza, breads and then I bake it in the oven. I'm loving it!
  6. Using a bread machine is sacreligious! :p

    My mom makes homemade wheat bread, kneads it and all! It's SOOOOO good warm from the oven, with butter!
  7. No, I agree which is why I want to make it by hand. I love the feel of the dough as I work it, but I also realize it won't happen every day or every other day, so a bread made by machine is still better than driving to the market to by it, so the machine is plan b! LOL
  8. :lol: I understand completely - we don't have my moms bread very often!
  9. Hi everybody, this is my first post in the Kitchen forum.
    I agree with berryblondeboys, the bread is just not the same as when it comes out of the oven. Besides, I don't like the hole the dough hook makes in the loaf.
    Can't be bothered to knead by hand though. My Kitchenaid Mixer does all the heavy work for me!! In the middle of the kneading process I throw in a bowlful of seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseeds....) for extra texure and health.
    It takes me 5 minutes to make the dough (with whole meal flour of course!)and the bread is delicious.
    Alternatively you could use your breadmaker for the kneading process only and then remove the dough to let it rise and bake the traditional way.
  10. I make bread both ways. Mixing it with the kitchenaid is easy and then I usually shape it into rolls for a change of pace.I love making it by hand but don't do it that often. My breadmaker makes bread with great texture. I never do the quick or express setting because I think the longer the bread rises the better it tastes.
    The best thing to do then is whip up a flavored butter to go with it. Yum!!!
  11. Your breadmaker sounds better than any I've come across. Which make is it?
  12. I've been waffling for TWO YEARS on getting this:

    This just looks like it makes good bread GREAT. I LOVE the texture of a artisan bread and supposedly you can get that with this, but coughing up $200 for something is always something I hesitate about.