Anyone else lusting over a vintage LV trunk?

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  1. Ok, so call me strange or whatever but I am DYING to have a vintage LV trunk to place in my house. Obviously they are ridiculously expense but there is no harm in dreaming, right? Anyone else feel the same way?:biggrin:
  2. I also would love to have one. But if it came down to it - I'd have a hard time parting with the money, even if it was a GREAT deal. I'd rather have a new bag or something more practical. But I do want one; I just don't want to pay for it!
  3. I dream of the day that I find an authentic one in a flea market or thrift store for a remarkable price! haha
  4. We have 2. One is huge and the other is smaller, I think it's a called wardrobe or something like that. My dh found both on eBay. If you are patient and search long enough, you'll find them at a good price.
  5. pics plz!?
  6. wow I just saw the pictures of your trunk! Lucky!!!
  7. I wish, but I don't think it would ever happen.

    It is my dream to have one, one day though.
  8. I think they would look amazing stacked in a prominent corner of a dressing room/walk in closet :smile:
  9. :nuts: PICTURES!!!

    Agree with being patient and searching for something good on eBay!

    Again, PICTURES....please...
  10. I would love to won a vintage trunk, just no where to put it right now..... plus the cost LOL! I agree, I think they would look nice stacked in the corner of a room, or dressing area. Maybe one day!
  11. i have wanted one for the longest time (and a Goyard trunk) but other than the cost im in Australia so the shipping is HUGE. i just cant spend $xxx on shipping :crybaby:
  12. I love the look of them also but I know my crazy cats would use them as scratching posts and the dog would probably gnaw at it/tear them up. She's exactly like Marley from Marley & Me!!:biggrin:
  13. Oh totally right about the shipping costs and any sort of damage that may occur. I'm hoping to encounter a seller somewhere in Texas who is willing to part with their trunk at an unbeatable price. A gorgeous trunk was on the show Pawn Stars a while back. Owner wanted way too much for it though.
  14. They are really pretty and distinguished and it could really compliment certain interior a vintage european style which could be gorgeous. I think guests would really enjoy it too.
  15. I am always on the hunt for a vintage trunk, I do have a vintage Alzer 80 suitcase that I have in my foyer sitting atop a huge armoire, hope to get more vintage to stack on top!