Anyone Else Loving Mountain Hardwear Jackets for Winter?

  1. I've totally fallen in love with the fuzzy fleece Mountain Hardwear jackets! They seem so durable, and yet so cute! lol Oddly enough, the particular make that I like is called the Monkey Woman Fleece! :upsidedown: I've posted two pictures of them to give you an idea of what they look like; I'm sure most of you have seen them around, though. :yes:

    The green jacket called Guacamole gives you a better view of how fuzzy it is; for some reason the Milkshake color hides the fuzz factor a bit. I really like them, anyhow.

    The price range on average is usually around $130.00, but I've seen them posted online for a little more or less.

    Anyone else loving the Mountain Hardwear around these parts? :wlae:
    milkshakemonkeywomanfleece.JPG guacamolemonkeywomanfleece.jpg
  2. I bought a Monkey Woman fleece probably 6 years ago when they were only 100 dollars (dammit I should have stocked up). Unfortunately I used the heck out of it and it is no longer serviceable so I may have to pick up another one! But I actually prefer the North Face Denali fleece even though both provide great warmth for the weight.