Anyone else love the Soho Tweed bags?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to posting here, but I've been reading all the messages for about 3 months, so I feel like I know some of you already! :smile:

    Am I the only one who is in love with the new Soho Tweed Satchel or Hobo in the blue color? I haven't seen them in person yet, but thought they looked so cute online. I can totally see myself using one or the other on my Friday jeans day at work.

    My birthday is coming up at the end of August, and my husband said that it's mine if I want it... (he's such a good boy... bought me 2 new Coach purses at the Woodbury outlet during the 4th of July sale, too!) :tender:

    The purses I'm talking about are attached (if I'm doing it right), but I'm sure you've seen them in the catalog... with the matching shoes! (which are cute, but I probably wouldn't wear them to my school... )

    Soho Tweed Small Satchel.jpg Soho Tweed Small Hobo.jpg
  2. I don't particularly like those bags, but they made a scarf sorta like the bags with the flowers and I have one of those. I love the scarf.
  3. The bags are cute but not for me...but I'm totally in love w/ the high heels. They are TDF!
  4. I think it looks tacky imo
  5. I need to see them in person, but I love the color!
  6. The hobo bag looks cute. But, I would want to see it in person.
  7. Welcome, Lyanna!

    I thought those were really cute, too...but when I got a closer look at the pictures in the catalogue I kind of changed my mind. I hadn't realized how...hmmmm....nubby I guess is the word I'm looking for, the tweed is on them. I think I'll have to see them in person to decide if I like them or not. I think it might be something that's better as a small piece, like a wristlet, rather than a big bag.

    Anyway, once again - welcome to tPF and the Coach subforum!!! I just joined here a few months ago and now I'm totally addicted.

    Edited to add: PS - nice hubby!
  8. Yeah, I definitely plan to go see them in the store once my store has it! I might totally hate it once I see the real thing. A wristlet would definitely be cute though! I think the biggest reason I'm drawn to it is because I love blue and I love daisies... and those little flowers look a bit like blue daisies. :smile:
  9. LOL, I know...I'm a sucker for anything with flowers on it. That's why I ended up with a poppy wristlet from the line last winter!
  10. Hmm, well I haven't seen them in store yet either (maybe it's time for another trip to the mall for me LOL!!) But I just went and took a look online and the hobo looks adorable.. I love it in both colors :love: Let us know what you think when you see them in person!!

  11. ^^ OOOH! I like the white one more. Maybe it's just the photo of the blue one I don't like as much.
  12. ^ I was about to say the same thing..that ivory color is stunning. But I love the shoes in blue I think..I haven't seen them in ivory yet.
  13. I was hoping to see the bags today, but the SA told me that they won't be in stores until mid-August. She offered to order it for me (so, I can HAVE it now, just can't see it first!) but I really want to see it before buying... now that I'm thinking about it, the ivory might be a better color since it'll go with more of my clothing! :yes: I still want to see it and hold it first though. *sigh* Just a few more weeks of waiting.

    I did play around the with the new signature stripe line a little while I was there... I LOVE the totes, but my initials would just look silly on it... *sigh again*
  14. im most likely getting the wristlet..for my little cousin whose turning 10 in january. shes a little girly girl whose so freaking smart, winning national spelling bees and geography and so many smart stuff lol. only thing is is that i dont want her to forget shes still a kid, so i like to spoil her with the little things that makes her happy. growing up and puberty is all taboo in my family, so im usually the wealth of information since i am the oldest. you should have seen her face when she saw my collection.. so if something else doesnt come out im going to buy that for her. for me im getting the suede wristlet in boredaux. i think itll be cute with my messenger bag or when im on break at work and dont feel like lugging the rest.
  15. I think those bags are pretty cute....I'll have to see them in person before I decide if I like them or not though... I love the white one! (But then again, white is one of my favorite colors, lol!)