Anyone else love stationery?

  1. I found an article in the WSJ today evaluating stationery and found it quite interesting. I'm a HUGE fan of writing notes, postcards, whatever. I love to drop a note in the mail and send it off to a good friend (even if I see her every other day!). I also love the personality of everyone's handwriting. So unique for each and every person! I have a HUGE collection of postcards and beg all my friends to send me one whenever they are on vacation. So fun to look thru ....

    In the age of email, do we still take the time to put pen to paper?
  2. Right on, maxter! A handwritten note is so treasured nowadays and rare. I always keep a supply of Cranes notes embossed with my last name initial in large script. It's kinda my signature "bread and butter" stationery. They are perfect to drop in the mail for a thank you whether for a gift, great dinner party, just 'em!!
  3. I love all kinds of stationary, note cards, notepads, fun sticky notes; I just have a thing for paper. In malls, I look for the Crane's shops, Papyrus, etc. When I held a retirement party for dh, I went through catalogs looking for the perfect invite--I found a William Arthur style that could be printed with a small photo on it and I put the years he flew for the airline at the top--we received lots of compliments on the invitations.

    At craft fairs, I can usually find notes with local photos on them--they make nice note cards.

    You aren't the only one, Maxter!
  4. Oh, George! I am the same way! Back-to-school is my favorite time of year!
  5. I do, but I just can't bring myself to actually buy or use anything but Crane's foldover notecards. In cream, not white, and since the celebration of my Golden Jubilee, with a thin gold border...
  6. I don't really have anybody to write to! :sad:

    But I do love stationary :smile:
  7. I do too! I love new notepads and cards and stuff! My daughter is the same.
  8. Absolutely. I even go into shops to virtually stroke the stationery!
    I have a big box divided into months and have birthday cards for the whole year.
    My bureau is a treasure chest of notelets, cards, wrapping paper etc. Although I use email for convenience, there's still nothing better than a handwritten card or note.
    My dream would be a beautiful box of Smythson stationery.
  9. I love stationery too! Papyrus is my favorite!! One of the most fun things about planning my wedding was choosing all the stationery!
  10. LOVE stationary!!
  11. i :heart: stationary. i still have a very good collection in my old room at my parents house. ;)

    i also still love sending cards or letters. as a matter of fact, i just mailed two "congratulation" cards to my two nieces who scored very well on exams they took at the end of the last school year. i just wrote encouragement notes and gave them each a Target gift card to congratulate their achievements.
  12. I'm a staionary fanatic! I love it! When I recieve something hand-written in the mail it means a lot, since no one ever writes anymore, so i figure that it's nice for someone to recieve something as well! I try to buy cute stamps and send a little note whenever I remember, wish I did it more! someone on this forum posted when paprus had a 75% off online sale- I bought a ton of stuff!!
  13. I love paper, note cards, calling cards. All of it!!! Right now Smythson is my favorite.
  14. I agree with everyone, total stationary addict! Been in love with paper and stuff since I was a kid. I only recently discovered Crane & Co. My parents still sign my name on all of the cards we send out to family and friends, but I can't wait until I'm outta college and independent and have a little home office and can have a billion statioary sets!
  15. I adore stationery. I write letters and notes to people often as well.