Anyone else love soccer?

  1. Not sure how many of you gals/guys like soccer..I'm curious to see what are your fav teams and what leagues? MLS fans? EPL fans? I'm both...FC Dallas fan and an Arsenal Fan...I miss Henry!!! (We're doing awesome this season)
  2. Liverpool FC are my team! woooo come on you reds!
    one of our biggest games of the season on saturday! against everton!
    stevie g is just magic!

    arsenal are flying this season! gotta admit i was suprised i didnt think theyd get top 4 at all, not doubting them no more though!
  3. Man U all the way! I don't follow the football religiously, but I try and catch the matches when I can.
  4. ^ I see that you gals are from the UK...I wish that more American girls like myself would like it more...uh oh a man u fan worst enemy, lol..kidding kidding. ;)
  5. I love soccer! I used to watch it religiously back home...I don't really watch it anymore cause I don't subscribe to the channel, but occasionally when they show it on espn2, Id watch it.
    I watch the EPL and I love Man U.

    And i also get really, really into it during EuroCup and World Cup!!!!
  6. Soccer lover...played all my life and in college. I am a Barcelona fan from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Saw them play in Spain in the mid 90's.
  7. I love futbol...that is what we call it in my house. I wish we americans would fully embrace it more like the rest of the world. I use to play in high school. I am not so much into the leagues as much my fave country teams like Cameroon,Brazil,etc.
  8. Yeah I like it, but I don't have the time/people/place to play anymore. :sad:

    Btw, you are really pretty!
  9. Yeah, same here...I use to play alot when I was younger and throughout I just watch my SO play indoor and it makes me miss playing. I love watching games though.

    Thanks Jan!
  10. Liverpool FC, and no, I am not from Liverpool or even the UK! :smile: Xabi Alonso rules!!
  11. love football!! our family is made up of a real eclectic mix of supporters! my dad's an everton fan, as his family are from liverpool. my mum's side of the family are a mixture of leeds utd fans and manchester utd fans, as some live in leeds and some in manchester!
    me, i like both everton and manchster utd, i'm more a fan of football in general, i'll watch anybody! i wouldnt say i support everton or manchester utd, becuase i don't go to the matches or buy the shirts, but i like them both to win!
    (off topic - don't know if any of you are rugby league fans?? i support leeds rhinos and have been a season ticket holder since i was a kid!)
  12. Woot woot! FC Dallas and Chelsea fan here!
  13. My 5-yr-old just got done with his first 6 weeks ever! I loved it! I even got to coach one of the games, and I have never played in my life, and I had a blast!

    I think this is something my son and I could get into together!
  14. Does anyone play in adult leagues? I played before my two kids were born in a Women's league (age 30 and up, we had one woman in hwe 60s) and hope to join another team very soon. The adult leagues are very popular where I am. There are co ed teams, different divisions, etc. Very competitive and fun.
  15. i love football, i watched english premiere league only though... love how they carry the ball there. my fave team is liverpool :yes: